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Thursday, November 10, 2011


It will be big shoes to fill, but I removed Helen Ubinas from the bloglist in the right column. Helen has left the Courant recently and along with that her column is gone.

During the campaign, I was fortunate to listen to one of Hartford's last Republican's, at least one who actually made sense, Michael Fryar. Michael also has a blog and it is worth checking out,

Click the link above or you can follow his writing in the column to the right


Bruce Rubenstein said...

why Mr Fryar would think that his Republican Party in Hartford is conservative and a champion of small business,family values and law and order is a mystery to me.Mr Fryar should know that his party elected official voted for every tax increase and budget increase,was arrested in the Perez corruption scandal and was forced to resign, and that he nor any member of the local party ever said anything about that in public other then too champion her and Mayor Perez.

Mr Fryar who most likely was active during this time apparently sat on the sidelines while the local republicans and their elected council person were acting like the very same socialists that he condems.

Because the local republicans were complicit enablers of the Perez corruption and because they didn't act as an opposition party,Mr Fryar never had a chance.

The dirty deal between Mayor Segarra and the Republicans highlighted the above facts and augmented the citizens disgust in that arrangement.Therefore the citizens decided to reward a party who in facted acted like a party,the WFP.I would guess that most of the WFP and the real democrats within the Democratic Party were dancing in the streets over that cross endorsement strategy as it augmented an already known fact, that this city's republican party is a party in name only.

But Mr Fryar shouldn't complain as there is one surviving Republican..Mayor Segarra.

peter brush said...

Fryar's blog is not as user-friendly as this one, so let me thank him here for running for Council. Thanks, also, to you, Kevin. I don't think the muni government can do much to change conditions on the ground, but it can affect things at the margin. It'd be nice to have some common sense there rather than New Left ideology.
I'm heartened that Bruce R. repeatedly stresses the importance of municipal budget issues. I'm hoping against hope that the Mayor with his new Council will, in fact, move towards fiscal restraint even if it can't join Mr. Fryar in turning away from state-ism altogether.

Anonymous said...

Bruce: There are bad apples in every bunch, and attemptinbg to smear a good one because of prior acts by a bad one is disingenuous and hardly persuasive. You don't argue this way in court do you?

I'm hoping the WFP makes you their champion soon, so this nonsense from you will end.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Dear Anonymous 10:37AM...I tell it like I see it and unlike you, I use my real name.

The WFP doesn't need me as a champion, they have plenty of them and many much better then I.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

After I got no response from Mr Fryar to any of my postings or even a return phone call,I went to Attorney Fryar's blog and saw his latest missive.I was not surprised at all the mis-characterizations and faulty assumptions.

I was particularly amused at his bashing the lawyers on the Council,given that he is one also and it appeared to me to be abit of self hatred there,bashing the very thing that you are.

I will refrain from reading his blog in the future as Attorney Fryar takes no responsibility for his and his party's loss and doesn't appear to want to engage in any healthy civil discourse to understand why he and they lost.So we will let him rant on mindlessly about socialists and lawyers in Hartford,never understanding the reasons why he and they had no chance from the beginning.

Wasted Genius Comedy said...

Dear Bruce:

You are quite the master baiter, aren't you?

It was called to my attention that you had responded on this blog to me and my blog. Since this is not my blog I found it odd, since I maintain my own blog, that you would come to another blog to post/complain after you got your rather frilly panties all up in a bunch. Wow.

I did attempt to respond to your phone call - the number you left asked for some sort of security code. I'm not sure if that refers to the bunker you live in, but as you did not leave any information as to how to get through I could not even leave a message.

I actually have no interest in your opinion, frankly, since you are clearly part of the problem that needs to be cleared out. I am a recent transplant to the city (6 years) and was pretty much dragged into the election because of my credentials. I had no interest, knowledge or awareness of the nightmare of Hartford politics before these past few months. It's been an educational experience regarding corruption.

And this is coming from someone who lived in Baton Rouge, LA during the Edmunds years. Wow.

But I have resolved to bring my rather unorthodox methods to bear on resolving it. Those that know me know approximately what that means and there are a few groans here and there. I'm not here to make friends, forward a political agenda, or work my way up by trading favors. Mr. Brookman pales by comparison to what I am prepared to do.

So, as you will become aware, your advice is meaningless because it is reflective of the Hartford that is, not of the Hartford that is coming.

And the first thing I learned as a journalist, particularly a columnist (did that for 5 years) is that when someone threatens not to read you, it usually means that that is the first thing that they will do every day.

Now, rather than hiding like a coward in the comment section of someone else's blog, please feel free to direct your comments on mine. At least then you have a fair chance that I might actually see them.

Bruce Rubenstein said...


I love it.....Attorney Fryar for your information i have no "security code" at my business phone....lmao...and my number is 860-527-9611.Ask Kevin whether I have a "security code" at my office as he has called it often enough...LMAOOOOOO TFF.

Attorney "coward" posts in his real name...this is hilarious..and the "panties remark" LMAOOOOOOOO

Im not gonna get personal with Fryar, like he did with me.We will let him cut and runnnnnnn

He oughta give standup comedy a try as he is hilarious.

tightie whities said...

Bruce...It is usually the guy making the panties remark that is wearing them.

peter brush said...,0,1853353.story
David MacDonald, who serves as school board chairman and was recently elected to the city council, said the tax rate and its burden on small businesses should remain a top concern for the mayor.

"The budget is finally getting under control, but we need to find a way to continue to reduce taxes over the next few years," he said. "We're going to have to find better ways provide city services without increasing the budget. It's going to take some creativity and innovation."
Again; I do like the way these guys talk. Hope it doesn't offend Bruce R.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Peter...Im never offended by what you post. Talk is cheap...i focus on the acts not the talk..time will tell if Mr MacDonald is serious or not.

peter brush said...

time will tell if Mr MacDonald is serious or not
There's nobody less inclined to moderation, bi- or non-partisanship, than I. But, it doesn't hurt my feelings, especially when there are not two parties around, to point out when our pols say something agreeable. Of course, you're absolutely right, proof in the pudding, etc. And, I'll applaud if the statutorily required minority on council acts prudently on the budget.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Peter I am not convinced based upon prior actions, that the Council minority is more prone to imprudent budget and fiscal acts the the Council Democrats.