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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I honestly thought that I could make a difference in returning Hartford to some of the prominence of earlier years, but I guess the voters of Hartford had different ideas of what Hartford needs. Apparently they haven't had enough of spending Hartford into oblivion yet with no regard to how it is being paid for.

I guess the pressure we put on our small businesses and commercial property owners to pack up and leave Hartford isn't a big issue. Besides, it might just be a status thing to have the highest mill rate in the state as well as some of the highest commercial space vacancies in the region.

As much as I thought I could make a difference on the Council, at least one person who led Hartford during some of its better days put it all into perspective for me. Former Mayor James Kinsella, who served as Hartford's Mayor from 1957-1960, spoke to me outside his polling place after he cast his vote.

Mayor Kinsella told me that he was a regular reader of the blog and he like it. He liked my writing style and liked the issues I addressed. He said he had reservations about me being elected because he thought that I was most likely doing more on the outside through the blog than I could do on the inside as a Councilperson.

Bottom line is he knows the system a lot better than I ever will and his words make sense. As the Courant pointed out when they endorsed me, the blog and the position of Councilperson might not be the easiest mix. I thought about that a lot and eventually realized that my hands might be tied on many issues and how I could approach them.

Well, the voters made it an easy decision for me. I do not intend to go away or have my hands tied and as much as I think I could be a positive force on the Council, everything works out for a reason. Chances are pretty good that by 2015 when Council elections roll around again, I can say I made more positive change from the outside than some of those elected yesterday will have made from the inside.

With your help and support I feel confident that we can continue to expose issues that affect our City and hold our elected officials accountable. Keep the e-mails and information coming as you have been and it should make for an interesting four years

For those of you who supported my campaign, contributed, or even showed your support by voting for me, I sincerely thank you. And to Mayor Kinsella, thanks for putting it into perspective (and my apologies for calling you "an old time politician", that's not a bad thing when you see how the system is run today)


Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin;
It is truly Sad that the voters didn't choose to give you a chance to see just how much you might have been able to shake things up from the inside. I do know that when you were considering your run you blogged about it and several followers, myself included, were worried that your hands might be somewhat tied if you were on the council. Still, it would have been interesting to see if all it took was a small group of dedicated people to effect change. Recently there was a post from a young man with a similar writing style who I thought would be a good addition to the blog, especially if your time was heavily taxed by your council service. It would have been interesting to see. However, perhaps the "old time politician" is right. Job well done Kevin and PLEASE, for the sake of Hartford, keep up the GREAT work.

William M. Brown said...

I meant what I said to all of the candidates who appeared at the political forum on November 5th Kevin; duly impressed, "don't go away after November 8th, continue your personal efforts making Hartford a better place for all of its Citizens.

Michael Fryar said...

Have no fear - you're not alone. It's safe to say that we have two very different approaches to writing about the subject but I suspect team effort will lead to some accountability. Since the Courant reporter is pretty infatuated with Cotto, objective political reporting is something sorely missing in Hartford. Let's change that.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you. I'm very surprised you didn't win. But in retrospect, I'm glad you didn't win. You can accomplish more from here than if you were on the council. I was worried you would turn into one of "them." Seen it happen a million times.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. Those of us who are outraged by the crippling mill rate on property owners-both commercial, residential and mixed use-make up a small percentage of city voters. Some of us don't live in the city anymore, but still pay taxes, but can't vote.
The majority of the voters don't own much other than vehicles, so they're not too concerned with taxes. So unfortunately I think we'll see more of the same until everyone has shipped out and the city will finally collapse. Sad, but probably true.

Greg said...

I have a ton of respect for you, Kevin, but you would have been one voice on a corrupt council and probably would not have achieved much. You would have just been voted down time after time. You're better off doing what you do.

the Honorable Eddie A. Perez, disgraced Mayor said...


I'm glad you didn't make it inside City Hall. If it wasn't for you I would have been able to shake down more City Contractors for the cherry cabinets we so wanted in "La Casa de Eddie". And with all the school projects going on, I could have fleeced that new patio and inground pool out of Carlos. I bet we could have had him put granite all around the patio.

My "ESI" bonuses would have never been found out, except for this damn blog and our little $2.3 million in bonuses was so far under the radar that no one would have known except for you and your little typing fingers.

You think you know it all, but you have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scandal at City Hall. I for one again are thankful for a city of non-thinking voters because you now won't be able to start probing inside City Hall. Maybe in four years it will be OK if you get elected, the statute of limitations will be up by then (I hope)