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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Statement from TicketNetwork Counsel Andra Mazur

TicketNetwork is regrettably withdrawing from the state’s FirstFive program. Due to the personal incident involving our CEO Don Vaccaro, we feel that it is necessary to respectfully withdraw from the FirstFive program in an earnest attempt at preserving our future relationship with the state.

We believe the FirstFive program remains a commendable government initiative that will help Connecticut’s economy grow. We were honored to have been chosen.

TicketNetwork has over 400 dedicated employees and remains fully committed to maintaining a positive work environment for them.

As of today, our CEO Don Vaccaro has taken an indefinite leave from TicketNetwork. Long-time company executives Doug Kruse and Jeff Scheman assumed responsibility for running TicketNetwork as Co-CEOs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does Hector Robles still work there ? He can take over as CEO. Why not, the city owes him since all that time card stuff was sqaushed like a summer squash! And by the way, its still going on, but not my problem.....