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Thursday, March 1, 2012


After I posted the Vaccaro arrest report yesterday that I had obtained from the court, HPD spokesperson Nancy Mulroy asked me to post a copy with the victim's name redacted. I did that, but I also found that the PDF file sent to me also contained a "supplemental report" that was not part of the Court report.

The report was written by another Officer, other than the arresting officer. The supplemental report writer, Officer Robotham, was responsible for transporting Vaccaro to Jennings Road to be booked. Apparently Vaccaro continued his obnoxious behavior while he was being transported. According to Officer Robotham's report, at one point Vaccaro stated "I guess it is better not to even call the police... just shoot the person yourself".

The whole incident resulting in Vaccaro's arrest was actually started by Vaccaro himself when he called HPD to complain about his treatment when he was ejected from Real Art Ways for his alleged offensive behavior. I know his comments were most likely fueled by his alcohol problems, but it seems to portray a troublesome pattern.

And thanks to the reader who noticed Vaccaro's statement and called to point it out to me.

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Anonymous said...

Plain and simple, Vaccaro is a dead beat loser. Im glad Malloy pulled the funding. Im proud of the Governor.
I bet he will go to court an cry that he wants a program. LOSER