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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Below are the actual numbers by district for votes cast in last weeks Republican primary. There has to be a better, and more cost effective way, to do this.

At least 3 District polling places had no one show up and 5 polling locations each had one person show up.

District 1   Liberty Christian Center        0 votes cast
District 2   Liberty Christian Center      34 votes cast
District 3   Grace Lutheran Church       17 votes cast
District 4   Hartford Seminary               28 votes cast
District 5   United Methodist Church    13 votes cast
District 6   Northend Senior Center        0 votes cast
District 7   Rawson School                     0 votes cast
District 8   Annie Fischer School            1  vote cast
District 9   YWCA                                  5 votes cast
District 10 House of Restoration            1  vote cast
District 11 United Way                           7 votes cast
District 12  Burns School                        5 votes cast
District 13  Parkville School                   5 votes cast
District 14  Mary Hooker School            6 votes cast
District 15  Batchelder School               13 votes cast
District 16  Kennelly School                  10 votes cast
District 17  Southend Wellness Center   9  votes cast
District 18  Metzner Center                   12 votes cast
District 19  Bulkeley High                      3  votes cast
District 20  Learning Corridor                3  votes cast
District 21  Dutch Point Comm. Room  4  votes cast
District 22  Hartford Public Library      10 votes cast
District 23  Mary Shepard Place             1  vote cast
District 24   Parker Memorial                 1  vote cast

All of these polling locations were staffed by paid workers from before 6:00am to after 8:00pm.


Anonymous said...

This is insane, my guess is that it is a state requirement?

Panagore Follower said...

WOW!!!! What a waste of Mayor Panagore's budget....Lets waste some more money, like that 500 million dollar bus way from Hartford to New Britski.....oh ya I will ride a bus to Hartford with my kids to go to the West Indian Day Parade......

bow tie supply said...

Whats even better is when Obama gets voted out this November.......

Joe Ghanim said...

we have more felons within the democratic party political class then the republicans who voted.

Mr King said...

I wonder what the budget was for this election. It's a slap in the face to the dysfunctional Republican registrar.

Rich Wareing said...

If we are going to be so late in the cycle, we should be a caucus state and save the taxpayers some $$$$$. While the #'s would have been higher if there was a sitting R president and the D race all but decided, the turnout would have been pathetic b/c the election was of very little consequence.

Publius said...

Felon/alleged predator Angel Morales is a paid Senate Democratic Messanger...put there by Minnie/Fonfara ...dont let him near young males !!!!!!!!!!!!!!