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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was searching the City of Hartford's website this afternoon , , looking for the job posting for the position of Police Chief. No, I am not applying, I just wanted to see what we paid $50,000 for, but that is for another posting .

On the same page that the job posting for the Chief was listed  a posting for summer lifeguards for Hartford's public pools was also listed. And no, I am not applying for that position either. What interested me though was the "City of Hartford Residency Affidavit". It seems like the requirements we place for residency are more restrictive for the position of a part-time lifeguard than they are for some of our more important positions.

The affidavit is below, but wouldn't it be nice if we applied those same requirements to MDC Chairpersons, State Representatives and even Emergency Telecommunications Directors and not just part-time lifeguards?
Residency Affadavit0001

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Merl the Pearl said...

Maybe the lifeguards can keep their houses in the suburbs and rent a fake apartment in the City.