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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'll be the first to admit that Hartford has its problems.

But I am getting tired of everyone that feels they can make claims using Hartford's problems to cover their own poor decisions or personal problems. You are probably asking yourself what the heck I am talking about. Bottom line is not everything is as it appears when people portray Hartford as a violent fearful place. That all goes to giving Hartford a public black eye, when in several high profile cases recently the stories are the furthest thing from the truth.

Whether they are claims of vicious attacks or broad daylight sexual assaults, people are quick to jump on the claims to make Hartford look like a city full of predators waiting to jump their next victim. The other problem is that the City doesn't come out swinging on these things to combat these false portrayals.

Today is a perfect example. On April 12, 2012 a woman made a claim that she  was "taken" off the street, apparently dragged behind  the Mark Twain House and was the victim of a sexual assault. The alleged incident immediately made the news, a sexual assault occurring in broad daylight behind one of Hartford's most notable landmarks and tourist spots.

Now it turns out that there were several inconsistencies. Surveillance cameras covering the grounds of the area showed no evidence of anyone being dragged anywhere. The alleged victim, a 19 year old student at the Lincoln Culinary Institute apparently showed no outward signs signs consistent with her claims. A victim being dragged across the lawn and into a secluded area should at least show some grass stains, dirt or other evidence on a white chef's uniform, none of that was apparently the case.

Today the "alleged" victim, a 19 year old female was arrested by the Hartford Police Department for Falsely Reporting an Incident 2nd degree. Unfortunately, in cases like this, the damage has already been done and the public corrections will probably not be forthcoming anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank for informing the public of this B.S claim of sexual assault.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the Trinity incident where it's obvious Trinity student on Trinity student crime

peter brush said...

The other problem is that the City doesn't come out swinging on these things to combat these false portrayals.
But in recent years, Mendes feels the city has nickle-and-dimed him and other small business owners over taxes and newly enforced regulations.

The Mendes' latest, ongoing battle with the city is over two small indoor tables near the shop windows where customers have sipped coffee and waited for their party pack of doughnuts or steak and cheese. (Tastease makes breakfast and lunch sandwiches, too.)

A new city health inspector stopped by recently, eyed the tables and said that either they had to go, or a public restroom needed to be installed, Mendes said. Because of the seats at the tables, the 400-square-foot Tastease is considered a sit-down restaurant.,0,3636636.story
The City does public relations.

Harriet Stow said...

The poor victim could not even lie correctly. More of these false reports need to be corrected. I applaude HPD for arresting this lier. Im sure the Mark Twain are thinking legal action for this false nonsense....

The Rock said...

The report had more holes then the City Budget. The victim is close to 300 lbs, yet she claims she was dragged up a 40 degree incline about 200 feet and sexually assaulted in broad daylight, bear in mind that the mark Twain House has a camera system.
Its about time these Liars are locked up! Thank you HPD!!!!