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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Linda McMahon's Corporate jet with the WWE logo on the tail "How has the economy affected you?" No wonder she wouldn't answer the question
Let me start this posting with the obligatory disclaimer before commenter's start bashing me, I am supporting Chris Murphy for US Senate because I think he is the right person at this time. "I am Kevin Brookman and I approve this message".

I have always had a hard time understanding why people would throw down money for tickets or sit in front of a television watching the WWE. The performances were clearly phony and staged and seemed to be difficult for anyone to believe it was the real deal.

Today Linda McMahon apparently tried to use a page from the WWE playbook as she continued her quest to buy a United States Senate seat. Her performance today was almost as unbelievable as her wrestlers getting whacked with folding chairs left at the edge of the ring.

I think her lack of knowledge of what the average person faces in the State she hopes to represent was obvious. Her evasion of the question how the downturn in the economy has affected her was almost laughable if it weren't for keeping in mind the end result if voters choose to fall for her                 grandmotherly facade. A facade that has been created by some of the best marketing teams money can buy

Do you remember a mere two years ago  when many female voters detested Linda McMahon for what she stood for? And now here we are , two years and probably $15  or $20 million dollars  later and every day I expect the announcement that Linda McMahon is being cast for Disney's remake of Snow White.

The facts seem as though they are going to start catching up with McMahon more over the course of the next three debates. One person today asked me if I think she will participate in the remaining debates. Who knows. but she better hire some new coaches, because bashing Murphy is going to become real tiring to those that watch. I think the hypocrisy of Linda is also going to start showing through more and more.

Can you really beat Murphy up on financial issues when you yourself have filed for bankruptcy and screwed people out of more than Chris Murphy probably has made in his last ten years of public service. Can you really beat Murphy up on his voting record in Congress when Linda herself didn't take the time to vote in the majority of the local elections over the last twenty years in her hometown?

And the plagiarism allegations that she chastised Murphy for regarding her "jobs plan". The Huffington Post is reporting that only after a reporter called looking into the plagiarism allegations did the McMahon "jobs plan " finally get the cites acknowledging the quotes Linda apparently grabbed and claimed as her own. You can read that report here.

And how do you look in the mirror and criticize Murphy and run attack ads regarding his mortgage payment lapses when you yourself probably have a much larger balance in your checking account than the Murphy's and you still can't pay your bills on time? More on that from the Hartford Courant here

And for those that were paying attention the the television debate, it comes down to body language. Watch Linda's eye movements and body language and that will tell you all you need to know about here. As they say, the eyes are the window to the soul and someone that can't maintain eye contact and is constantly blinking to break eye contact, may just not be telling the truth.. Linda's eyelids were fluttering faster than a hummingbirds wings toward the end. That tells you all you need to know about Linda and her phony performance.

If nothing else "America's law" on domestic partnerships should explain why Linda is not the right choice to represent us.(if you didn't actually see the debate, McMahon thought that marriage equality was a national law) We need someone who understands the issues and is not just buying their way to Washington. Chris Murphy demonstrated that knowledge today and it was from the heart, and not from a backroom full of handlers that forgot to prep Linda on Gay marriage.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

Kevin your assessment is correct

Anonymous said...

nice one, :)