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Sunday, October 7, 2012


It seems as though the Occupy Hartford movement people are back to celebrate their one year anniversary and test the will of City Hall. Occupy Hartford protesters are once again setting up camp at the corner of Farmington and Broad Street after the City of Hartford had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to evict them and conduct an environmental cleanup of the property last year.

The protesters arrived late this afternoon and immediately went about defacing the City of Hartford "No trespassing" signs , instead marking them as "Free Speech Zone "signs. The group of 50 or so protesters left upon the arrival of Hartford Police Officers, only to return after darkness to set up their illegal encampment once again.

At least this year David Panagore won't be around to welcome the squatters with coffee and donuts courtesy of City Hall as he did last time. Hopefully City Hall will take quick and decisive action this time to avoid the expenditures of large amounts of money for police services and cleanup, funds that the City and its taxpayers can hardly afford, regardless of the message that is being sent,

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toliet bug said...

Filthy Hippies. I guarantee that Rovella will not tolerate this nonsense. If only there was a water main near by to flush this filth down the drain. i hope HPD handles business like last time...