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Monday, June 17, 2013


One of the largest drivers of violent crime and shootings in the Northeast sector of Hartford is and has ben, the West Indian Social Club. Three more shootings took place there this past weekend. This is unacceptable and can't be tolerated by a City that is trying to curb its gun violence.

Another troubling factor is that Police resources are being stripped from other neighborhoods in the City to fill the "North Main Detail" every weekend. These are resources that should remain in the neighborhoods where they are assigned to provide stability and police protection that the Community thinks they are getting.

The West Indian Social Club should not be allowed to continue to operate driving violence as they have been.

It is time for the City and the Police Department to step up and demand that the Club start hiring a police detail every weekend at their expense to start being part of the solution rather than a major contributor to the problem. It is also time that Mayor Segarra and Chief Rovella take a strong stand that the behavior taking place on Upper Main Street is unacceptable.

In addition to hiring Police Officers at their expense rather than the residents of Hartford, The Fire Marshall, The State Liquor Control Inspectors and License and Inspections should all become regular visitors to the Weekend Chaos on North Main.

There is a big difference between being a Community asset and a community nuisance.


Anonymous said...

Kevin that club has been a center violence since I started 18 years of nonsense is enough close the place down

Blod Clot said...

Come on Kevin you and I both know that Ken Kennedy would never allow that it's his peeps yo. So, the violence will continue until we have a repeat where 7 individuals were shot and DKR's family member was murdered. After that tragic day they should of never allowed that festival to go on again. It's not about race it's about the safety of the public and when you strip the PD of its resources and $$$ to do the job it will get more violent. That club has been noting but a pain the th ass since I can remember, when the shit hits the fan they, the social club, point the finger at the group that rentals the hall, they have to take some sort of responsibility, basically it's a night club every weekend without the proper oversight and permit and licenses and fees.
Go going Mr. Kennedy.

C squad dennis supporter said...

That is the one detail i refuse to work. That club has had dozens and dozens of gun related incidents. Always an issue, but whenever someone brings it up , they play the race card. Pull the reports . Whenever they have events, they provide limited staff , and little to none security. It is a mess. Every week they get free police services to clean up their nonsense . I have been on 15 years, and i refuse to work that crap . Nothing will change unless the forest gump esk mayor tries to make a difference instead of eating expensive dinners ....

Ben said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a well known after hours club....people come from all over when they leave the bars n clubs at their time of closing and go here. Liquor control has been in there ...why does the city zoning dept. keep allowing these n other late nite clubs continue to stay open ? The south end n downtown bars n social halls are made to abide by city rules. Why not the northend ones ?? Hmmmmm? I'm sure I can guess .. they suck up city resources without blinking an eye ..the cops can b doing other things besides babysitting these places for free . What is city hall going to do about it ?


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