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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


During some of the hottest weather we have seen in a long time, the Colts Park pool may need to be closed after being vandalized overnight.  Chain link fence was ripped down and the vandals gained access to the pool area. entry was then gained to the building, apparently by the use of a key.

According to police sources, the number of people with keys to the building can't be determined but it may number over 200 people. Apparently the same key is used for all City pool facilities and the locks aren't changed when keys or lost or stolen or even after employees quit and don't return their keys.

Sounds like the same thing with Kupiec and the car keys, No accountability.

Graffiti left at the scene showed the initials T.H.P. which are the initials for another one of Hartford's social groups for young men, some call them gangs. T.H.P. is the "the hut project" which I am told is the social group for the housing project at 60 Wadsworth street.
60 Wadsworth Street was also the scene for gunshots fired last night.

Maybe it is time for  a comp time detail to cool this area down, how about it Ken?

Also, apparently there are IP cameras  around the pool that are recorded somewhere off site. Probably at MHIS. IP camera are different than regular analog security cameras as they use internet protocol (IP) and can be viewed off site via the internet. Why aren't theses cameras being watched in the Dispatch Center where someone could notice activity after hours instead of watching Judge Judy or Jeopardy on the big screen televisions mounted in the 911 Center

Hopefully someone would notice the kids throwing garbage into the pool at 11:00PM or see motion detector lights coming on to draw their attention.

Again, it is called management which we know there is very little of happening right now.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Not only are keys not collected from retired employees, but Hartford is probably the only town/city that has consistently handed over keys to outside organizations to use facilities/parks without any city oversight or employees on site looking over city interests. Now, I live in Hartford and my suburban friends that hold jobs in the suburbs tell me that any outside organization would never simply be handed over a key and given carte-blanche use of a facility. I have recently found out that this may still ocurring at one of our parks. Batterson park, currently lets an out side town's crew team, come and go as they please with out any city representative/employees monitoring what they do for FREE. Not that I am in favor of costing the city employee making more overtime but, at a cost to the orgsnization using the facility/park
THEY SHOULD AT THE VERY LEAST BE PAYING AN EMPLOYEE'S TIME TO LET THEM IN AND COVER THE CITY'S INTERESTS. Why is that? I am sure if I asked a suburban town to hand over a set of keys to say, their soccer fields at no cost so that I could bring Hartford children there to play, come and go as we please they would greet us with open arms. Fat chance that would happen.