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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I would imagine it is never a good thing for politicians to get caught up in a scandal, but does lying about it make it any easier to deal with.

After the Kupiec Joyride saga. the Mayor's Office was quick to respond that all of Kupiec's City property had been accounted for including his City Cellphone, I-pad and other equipment. I guess they had hoped that we would believe that the only thing they neglected to recover were the spare set of keys to the City vehicle he allegedly eventually stole back, or in the words of Mayor Segarra "took without permission".

Well it appears that  we were misled about the cellphone also because I know one individual that called Kupiec on his City cellphone the morning of the recovery of the stolen City vehicle, almost a week after we had been told he turned the phone in. The following day after a reporter attempted to reach Kupiec for comment, the reporter was met with a greeting that the number was not in service. If the phone was actually re-issued, why would the City then shut it off. Or might it have been that they were actually reacting to being caught in a lie?

We were also told by the Mayor's Office that Kupiec had no special severance package and had only received 1.5 weeks pay when he left. Now in documents I obtained through an FOI request, it appears that there also may be another lie being fed to us.

The document below shows that Kupiec will be paid through September 27, 2013, almost three months after he left his position June 21, 2013.

And don't forget the New's Years eve soiree. Even though Mayor Segarra had told Channel 3 on camera that he had paid back half the cost of the dinner, according to the documents , that was also a lie and the cost was actually paid back a week later when I insisted on seeing the documents.

The old saying that "the coverup is worse than the crime" seems to be very valid with this group.

UPDATE 3:34PM- this was just e-mailed to me regarding Kupiec's pay, I have a hard time believing he didn't take a sick day in 2 1/2 years, and who was responsible for tracking his time, probably something else worth FOI'ing and digging into."According to them, Jared didn't use any of his sick time during his 2 1/2 years with the city. Panagore had the same thing when he left city employ. Segarra recently introduced a proposal to city council to end the "runout" practice.

It might be bad news, but a little truth might be a good thing


Anonymous said...

What does this guy have on Segarra? it has to be bad for this garbage to be going on. Why isn't Councilman Kennedy questioning this instead of the Corvette engines?

Anonymous said...



They do not know what the meaning of TRUTH is.