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Friday, June 20, 2014


My nephew Andrew (R) and his younger brother Ryan(L) on our trip last year to Fenway

Regular readers are probably used to the occasional updates regarding my nephew Andrew.Andrew had viral encephalitis  at a couple months old that affected his muscle development and was eventually diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Andrew lives with CP, but doesn't let it get him down.

He realized several years ago that he enjoyed skiing and despite muscle issues caused by his CP he excelled at skiing. Rather than rehash everything the link below to a Courant article done this week on Andrew explains an awful lot. You can read that article here

Or for more information about his quest for the Paralympics go to his website Andrew will be leaving next week to begin training with the US Paralympic Ski Team at Mount Hood Oregon. If you would like to help him with his efforts, donations can be made on the website or you can keep track of upcoming fundraisers there.

Andrew graduates tonight from Fermi High School  and is heading to Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah in the fall

Andrew was also recently recognized by Governor  Malloy as part of the Governor's Coalition for Youth with Disabilities program with a scholarship

Congratulation's Andrew and Ryan also for being such a good brother, it makes a difference.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Very proud of Andrew, glad to see him striving to be very successful. Good Luck in Oregon as well as in Utah. You've come a long way baby. You are already a WINNER.