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Friday, June 20, 2014


Hartford's new BFF  crew

As if to say "Leave us out of this"

As always feel free to leave your comments and observations.


Anonymous said...

I would have gave Woiden a liook, untul this deal and him up Pedro's ass, all fir a gig. No scruples, no balls, what a weasel he turned out to be and he managed to do it in how many years?

Shawn your done, run like you did last tume you tried your hand in a real election.

Anonymous said...

T Seller and Pedrito are still analyzing/studying/evaluating the income and expenses for this stadium,but they already said it's a DONE DEAL...done deal but they still getting all their numbers...this bunch of idiots will bankrupt us. Seller in the interview with the courant now saying the $300,000 maintenance and repairs every year is a mistake...hey Seller,this entire stadium is mistake. mistake in themillions

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:41pm, I guess you're referring to Deller and Pedro

Anonymous said...

is NO longer supporting the baseball stadium, the Coleman attack is "Cracking away His Support big time, walk away, drop this S..t on Pedrito"