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Friday, June 20, 2014


The picture above was used by Courant columnist Kevin Rennie to describe Hartford Politician's and their efoorts to include a skybox for themselves in the Rock Cats deal

I didn't go back through my archives, but I think I used the same picture in the past 
UPDATE: I did go back to my archives and I used the picture in July of 2013.Here is more on Hartford's "pigs at the trough". I got it off the internet and I don't claim any ownership to the pic, so if the pigs fit, use them

Kevin's blog addresses much of the same political sluggery ( is that a word, actions committed by political slugs) that aggravate me also, except more on a statewide level.

The link in the right column will take you to Kevin's blog on a daily basis if you want to check out his  DAILY RUCTION'S


Anonymous said...

Great picture Kevin, you should run a contest, name the 3 pigs. The winner gets a caviar dinner at Max's with a one time use of Pedro's P-Card. We all know Pedro is a Pig in more ways than greed.

I'll Start; Pedro, SKB and Wooden. Can't wait for the Caviar.

Anonymous said...

Great idea ! how about SKB,Terry Waller, and Pedro...and the caption would be "No I wasn't driving the car, Terry was"