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Friday, January 23, 2015


The story of Hartford Fire Captain William Pond destroying historic Circus Fire photos has made the big time, The story appeared on late this afternoon. To view the story on NBC's national network page , click here.

Making Hartford Proud.


Anonymous said...

They should have been given to the Connecticut Historical Society. The story, as tragic as it may be, is part of Hartford's history. That "traumatic" photo ran annually in the Hartford Courant in an attempt to find her family. She was a weekly part of my life, as my uncle and grandparents were buried in that same cemetery. Each Sunday when we visited their graves, my father would walk us over to the circus fire graves and tell us the story. He watched the fire from his home, and that fact no one claimed her haunted him. That is oral Connecticut history, the property of the State, not anyone else. So sad it is gone, regardless of whether she has finally been identified or not, to many, Little Miss 1565 was a part of their lives just as she was.

Anonymous said...

I guess only comments that support the author's viewpoint get posted here. So much for freedom of speech, huh?

Anonymous said...

Great, you posted this one; where is the previous comment written where I support the Captain's decision to remove and destroy the distasteful photos of the unfortunate little girl and state that I feel anyone that does not let this issue rest is morally reprehensible?


Anonymous 12:27pm

Since you post as anonymous I have no way of following up on your comments