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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Last week I posted an entry entitled "Whaddaya know" and it has turned out to be well worthwhile. To those of you who provided information and tips, a sincere Thank you. The parts of the puzzle are coming together.

This morning I received a phone call that I should be in the Hartford Federal Courthouse for 11:00am. No further details. Needless to say, I was at the Federal Courthouse at 11:00am.
I felt a little odd when I approached the Federal Marshal at the metal detector and he asked where I was going. My response surprised him I am sure. "I don't know where I am going, I got a call to be here at 11:00am. I gave him a couple more details as to why and for who I thought I was there and was pointed to a courtroom.. Luckily I wore new socks because they made me take my shoes off also to make it through the metal detector. And no cell phones allowed, leave it in the car

The expected event didn't happen as planned, but apparently lawyers and the US Attorney sometimes work out deals for their clients to surrender, so be patient.I would love to elaborate on the reason for being there , but that will come soon. Be patient.

While I was sitting there in the gallery with NBC Connecticut's Max Reiss, we watched the arraignment of the Finance Director from the Town of Plymouth. Again, not much on details, more procedural than anything else. After the court recessed, The US Attorney handling the case came over to us and introduced himself. I was a little surprised when he asked "Aren't you Kevin Brookman?"  When I answered yes, he replied "I read your blog occasionally" Who doesn't?

He then handed myself and Max the arrest warrant, or whatever the terminology is in FED talk, indictment maybe?

Later when I read it, I thought heads should be rolling today in Plymouth. How does the Finance Director of a little town write almost a million dollars in checks to himself and no one notices. One of the checks was reportedly for $300.000. No one noticed? Who monitors their budget?

The really interesting part to me though was the FBI Agents explanation of how the case began. There apparently was no complaint from the town of Plymouth. The investigation began based on Media reports.

If that is the case and the US Attorney had just told me he reads the blog, the FBI must be crawling all over Hartford City Hall by now. If it works for Plymouth, I am sure it can work for Hartford.. If you ever wondered how to blow a million dollars, read on


Galvatron Lord Of The Decipticons said...

A million dollars???? jeez atleast he didn't park in a handicapped parking space the nerve of this guy!

Seattle Superbowl Champs again said...

A White Politician stealing money??? Yea right

Anonymous said...

That's why it's called a "white collar crime"...

Anonymous said...

So what's going on with the "Fed Sightings" in City Hall? They caught this guy from media reports , when is the media going to expose Pedro and his crooked, criminal violation team also known as his Administration?