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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


That is how the Springfield Republican has described the story of the Connecticut Legislator parking illegally in a handicap space. In a story posted tonight they described that as the response on their website , you can view that story and related video here.

Although I am pretty sure that Representative Mcgee is not happy with the attention. I hope at the very least it has brought attention to the illegal practice of using handicap spaces for a quick convenience for able bodied drivers.

And I loved this line from the article  "A state lawmaker was left with egg on his face – or possibly jelly from a doughnut – after he was caught parking his Beamer in a handicapped parking spot at a Hartford Dunkin' Donuts on Friday."


Anonymous said...

Kevin, I know you probably read the quote or seen the interview with this IDIOT, go to WFSB at 2 minutes in, he says that what he learned form this is that next time he will take the 5 0r 10 minute walk. I've been going to Dunkin Donuts for over 40 years and never had to walk more than 15 SECONDS once i've parked in the lot or street. THIS ISNT NEW YORK CITY "BONEHEAD"! He said he hadnt eaten all day ,well guess what McGee, SOME PEOPLE HAVE NEVER WALKED UNASSISTED THEIR ENTIRE LIFE! Kevin, this is an old fashion case of the inability to apologise and then "SHUT THE F#%K UP!!!! As a side note, look at the side view mirrors, they are folded in,this only occurs when car is off! I THOUGHT HE WAS ONLY RUNNING IN A MINUTE???

Anonymous said...

Think we'll ever hear (or see) those supposed death threats? Did he complete the process of reporting them to capital police? Nah, that's what I thought. But the dude puts up threatening posts against those alleged death threaters on his FB page? Seriously dude still clearly doesn't get it.