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Friday, November 6, 2015


I don't often do this, but I feel compelled to respond to a posting and some of the related comments. Many of you that are calling me and posted comments feel that I am "going easy" on our new Mayor-elect, Luke Bronin,.after I posted the interview with him from Monday, the day before the election. Watch the interview here

Maybe I am, but I also know that I am being fair. Anyone that knows me, I can dig dirt with the best of them. With that being said it is kind of hard to dig dirt when there isn't any there. Many of the comments claim that I didn't go hard enough at Bronin over his campaign finances and the fact that he raised donations from developers and particularly contractors associated with the Yard Goats stadium.

First off, my decisions are usually based on trust and what I know about the people I choose to trust. To the best of my knowledge, Luke Bronin has not violated mine , or for that matter the public trust, in any form. Until we change our campaign finance laws, donations are a way of life. In a city that is ripe with corruption, some of it I have exposed personally, it eventually does come down to trust.

I think any politician that is upset with Bronin's fundraising is upset over their own inability to raise the money Bronin has. If they tell you they aren't, I would say they are most likely lying to you.

Hartford is on the verge of a new beginning when it comes to leadership. That is going to involve a lot of trust on our part. Many of our new "leaders" are not proven to us yet. I have high hopes for most of them, Julio Concepcion, Thomas Clarke, Jimmy Sanchez, Wildalez Bermudez and most importantly Luke Bronin.

Trust me, my eyes are wide open as we begin on this new journey. No free passes, but I am also not going to jump on board with others trying to create issues because of their deep seated hatred or petty differences for whatever reason. Once my trust is violated, watch out.  But I don't think we can start tearing some one's character down before they even really launch out of the gate ..

Campaign donations are legal from just about anyone and within certain dollar limits. I also don't think we can categorically define every politician as corrupt. Anyone that is willing to donate a thousand dollars to a campaign and then think they own that candidate has probably just made a very poor investment.

Does it happen? Sure, just look at Dillon Stadium. Won't it be nice when we can feel comfortable that our politicians are conducting business in  a legal and ethical manner and our leaders are looking out for us, and not lining their own pockets or getting scholarships for their kids?.

I think we have that opportunity with Luke Bronin. I usually consider myself a fairly good judge of character. I never trusted  our last couple of Mayors or several of our Council people. I think a Federal Grand Jury and a State Grand Jury have proven my judgement to be justified.

Right now, Luke Bronin has my trust and confidence and I expect that to continue. As City we can no longer accept poor leadership. We can not be afraid to hold people accountable, but we can not doom everything to immediate failure because of past indiscretion by some.

Let's keep an open mind and see where this journey takes us. Hartford's best days may just be on the horizon with our support and trust. Give it a chance. We all need to keep our minds open but also keep our eyes wide open also.


Anonymous said...

I am willing to give Mr. Bronin a chance. He is going to have to make some tough decisions in order to make Hartford a much better functioning city. People realize that a lot of changes will be coming and some are nervous about that. I hope that in four years time that Mr. Bronin will have developed a legacy that he can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you at all. And let me repeat, there is nothing that I can decent that would convince me that Luke Bronin is an ideal of what a political leader should be and will be. At the same time though, I have repeated that our political campaign structure stinks to high heaven. The thought that an office holder must immediately begin fund raising after an election to me, leads to many unintended consequences. Need I repeat ad infinitum, I like Luke Bronin but I just hope he doesn't fall prey to the ugly side of influence peddling and having to answer to special interests.

I consider the American system to be the very imperfect bastard child of England. I would prefer to have a parliamentary form of government.

Here here.Cherio.

Anonymous said...

And may I add that what we just saw in Bridgeport; a convicted felon once again, becoming mayor, is a supremely perfect example of this system that allows a guy who could get a job cleaning dishes to become mayor again. To watch that monkey dancing on a table election night confirms my suspicion that there are no holds bared from holding public office.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brookman, Mayor Elect Bronin, WILL be asking ALL department heads for resignation letters, including the police chief. How do you feel about this?


He may ask for them, that doesn't men he will accept them. Chief Rovella has my support, he has done quite a lot to bring accountability to HPD as well as build and maintain good community relations. Not everyone may like him in the Department, but that is understandable, if everyone liked him, something is wrong

Anonymous said...

Then what's going on with the Lou Crabtree investigation an stolen ammo???