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Thursday, November 5, 2015


It took a while to finally get this formatted so that You Tube would accept this video. Luke Bronin took an hour out of his campaign schedule  to sit down with me for a  while on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, ice interview but you very much soft peddled on contractor donations going so far as to answer your own questions to Luke. There is nothing wrong with asking tough questions. You actually answered the questions you asked him.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Anonymous said...

The candidate in your interview, Mr. Bronin, is now our future mayor. He's is a very interesting, very smart man. He understands Hartford's "issues" and seems to be ready for this tough job.

Alyssa said...

That was a nice exchange of ideas, Kevin. A different approach than I saw at any of the forums. Thanks for airing.

Anonymous said...

@6:04... Couldn't agree with you more. Kevin smoothed over the questions regarding contractor donations to the point where Luke didn't have to answer to a direct question. Weak.

Luke speaks a good game. For the sake of Hartford I hope he succeeds.

Anonymous said...

@6:04... Couldn't agree with you more. Kevin smoothed over the questions regarding contractor donations to the point where Luke didn't have to answer to a direct question.

Luke speaks a good game. For the sake of Hartford I hope he succeeds.

Kevin, I might be critical of you at times but to be honest, I admire the work you do. I don't think there is anybody who has done more to protect Hartford than you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

By the sounds of that interview, ALL department heads are going to be shown the door. Wonder who he has in mind for a new police chief. The power struggle is already in FULL affect!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the entire interview with Luke Bronin, Kevin. I liked the way that the mayor-elect looked at the camera when he answered your questions. I also liked the way you asked him the tough questions. I have hope for him as mayor and am willing to give him a chance. I do hope to see him sporadically on your show again throughout his term.

Unknown said...

Good morning. I am the one who posted Wow Wow Wow. More detail.

Kevin, I do highly respect your high standards when discussing politics and the need and desire to keep it clean. But I am disturbed by your very nonchalance regarding Luke Broin's eager acceptance of contractor donations.

I know that the American system of campaign donations makes our system more corrupting then other developed nations. Here, we have an electioneering cycle that begs to feed the money monster with no beginning and ending to campaigning. We should emulate the British modal and institute limited time of active campaigning. We should do a whole lot more to proactively prevent the insidious infiltration of tainted money in politics.

With regard to Bronin, you gave him a full pass on this subject when, in my opinion, you should have held his feet to the fire. He has made his theme of the campaign, cleaning up city hall. Yet, he has allowed the making of his own monster. The seeds have been sown for his own future fall from grace if he doesn't learn that one cannot accept money from all sources especially while running on the theme of making government clean. So in this scenario, he cleans out the old waste only to ultimately be replaced with new faces of waste.

Instead of clearly setting limitations of accepting campaign contributions, or, putting his money where his mouth is, he has opted to be a swinging door of payola. Maybe. I don't want to castigate a man so early on in his new career as a political leader. But these are ominous signs so early on this path. We have witnessed this in state politics before with young faces. Just review the federal penitentiary graduates of former "new" CT political leaders to understand my point.

In my opinion, you did him a disservice by fully giving him a pass on accepting what in the naked version of this act, amounts to bribery and the influences of money in politics. I am much more circumspect than you are on this point. I know you didn't want to hit him hard since Hartford needs such strong reform. But frankly Kevin, you have inadvertently contributed possibly, to the making of the Bronin monster. The great new hope who rides into politics on reform but who accepts money from all sources.

In life, you can't have your pony and ride it too. Or cake. If I have sounded too strong in my opinions, understand that I too, have been and continue to be supportive of Bronin for the short duration he will remain in Hartford. I am just disturbed by his complete open door to massive influx of money and we already know that money corrupts. Remember my words. His casual acceptance of of all comers bearing gifts will , if not curtailed, come back to haunt him in the end. And his end could very well be closer then you think.

Since I know Luke reads this blog, I want to directly address him. Don't make the historic mistakes so many others have made in your rise in politics. Rise above. Be a genuine reformer. Seek campaign finance reform. Strive to make it cleaner for all who enter politics. I am not a coward and I will identify myself here instead of being anonymous. You know me. I have a lot of respect for you if you didn't already know. But I won't pretend that money doesn't change the battle plans. Don't fall for it. You are better than that, Luke.

Good luck in your new career.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, we thank you for the interview with Mr. Bronin. There's a new sheriff in town, his actions and choice of people will determine what the future of our city will be.

Against DONO said...

Let's chill out and give Luke a chance,he has not even been sworn in yet and Bill is all over him about the money that Landino and others gave him. Luke did not break any laws and everyone deserves access to a Mayor.If Luke treats those developers in an even handed fashion,no better or worse then anyone else...that is all we can ask and hope for. Let's all wait and see how Luke performs before coming to any conclusions,

Anonymous said...


My main point was for a new individual entering the treacherous waters of what is essentially, a profession designed to be corrupt in the first place, to be aware of that easy slide into the ethical morass. I here reiterate that I fully support him and his vision that Hartford must be refashion d in almost it's entirety. That is a tall order. But everything or most everything is broken in the structure of city hall. I could write a book on it.

Luke Bronin seems to get it and this is all I wanted to express.

Anonymous said...

Add-on to 10:30:

For much too long, I have observed newbies entering politics with much fanfare almost as if they were walking on water to land to bestow the 8th day of the week. And not so much later, they find themselves being walked out of court in shackles. And we gasp and wonder, "What happened? He seemed like a nice Italian boy. What got into him that made him betray the trust of the people?" And my only response is, "MONEY" did the deed. The desire for money. And the profession that almost shouts that the accumulation of money makes you are breaks you.

Now do you understand my comment?

Anonymous said...

Nice Italian boy? You must be an elitist smh

Anonymous said...

Yo, 5:51, My mother was Italian and she did say that to me the day Sanpietro was walked out of the courtroom in shackles. Capici?

Do you want me to say that in Italian? Or Yiddish.