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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hartford Fire Captain Thomas Dalton has been suspended for 89 days after he reported an alleged on duty assault in which he was the reported victim. The alleged aggressor, Lt Michael Patterson skated with just a 2 week suspension.

How does that work in a City that claims to have a "Zero Tolerance Policy" for workplace violence

In a letter sent from HFD Chief Carlos Huertas to Dalton  detailing the suspension, Huertas claims that he found Dalton's claim of the assault to be "inconsistent and not credible" .Huertas does not detail how he arrived at that conclusion. Apparently Huertas's view is much different than HPD, a State prosecutor and a Superior Court judge who all determined probable cause for Patterson's arrest after the incident.

The letter is below. I have FOI'd all of the documents as well as Huertas's internal investigations and the HPD investigations to see how Huertas arrived at his conclusion. . Much more on this to come.

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