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Friday, April 8, 2016


My phone and e-mail has been very active the last day and a half. I have probably received over twenty calls from people giving me information, names , and documents depicting the pattern of behavior of Eduardo Genao. Most troubling though is the pattern of deception and cover-up depicted by the documents and the callers themselves.

Genao's predatory behavior was apparently well known to those in power at the Board of Education as well as his co-workers. Many of those co-workers were uncomfortable with Genao's behavior and were shut down whenever they tried to report his activity.

The activity was apparently evident as far back as 2006 at Sports Sciences Academy  when it was located on Asylum Street in Downtown Academy. Several female employees have told me they were uncomfortable with Genao's behavior and at least two of them left the Hartford Schools to seek other employment to get away from Genao.

Internal documents received today promise to only be the tip of the iceberg into Genao's predatory behavior. As you look at the documents below, it is not about transparency, it is more about continuing the cover up and deception to protect a predator. The extensive redactions serve no purpose under the law, and with the exception of information identifying a student, most of the redactions appear to be illegal with no basis in statutory exemptions outlined in the Freedom of Information Act.

As you read through , you will see that most of the redactions are blacked out to remove any identifiers that would allow for follow up for additional information  with those complaining.

I am not sure why the Hartford Board of Education would go out of their way to protect a sexual predator preying on a child. Isn't the Superintendent a parent also?

Pedro Zayas, the spokesperson for the Board of Education has not returned any of my calls to his office, cell phone or even text messages on this matter.  I guess maybe he was trained by Dr. Ngoudou on how not to return calls. I also find it hard to believe that there has been no strong response from either the Superintendents or the Mayor's Office  expressing their disgust with this matter and promising to get to the bottom of it.It is also interesting that Mr. Zayas and Kelvin Roldan apparently don't consider me legit, over 5,000 people have read my postings regarding Eduardo Genao in the last 36 hours.

In stark comparison, I have nothing but praise for the Hartford Police who launched an investigation immediately after learning of the matter Monday. HPD actually sent to detectives to New York in a snowstorm  Monday to interview the victim and her mother. Luckily HPD wasn't having a busy day and too hectic to get involved ,as was Dr. Ngoudou from the Superintendent's Office.

And to all of those people who have contacted me in the last day or so, my sincere heartfelt thanks. I understand your fears of potential harassment and retaliation that you have described, but sometimes you have to stand up and do the right thing Predators like Eduardo Genao can not be allowed to prey upon children in our schools. And for anyone wishing to provide additional information in confidence, I can be reached at 860-883-2297 or This is far from over .

Eduardo Genao HBOE

The only good thing to come out of this mess , so far, is Eduardo Genao's resignation letter below. Even his resignation letter shows his high level of professionalism. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt, the Police may have had already seized his computer for evidence, resulting in the handwritten scrawled note. It is also interesting someone took the time to stamp the letter "CONFIDENTIAL". I guess that is all part of their cover up mentality. The document is a public document and available to anyone who asks to see it.


Anonymous said...

Great reporting.
With your knowledge of this case, do you think the superintendent should resign?
Was his contract extended this year? Can you look into that?
Thank you for bringing this to light.

Anonymous said...

Here's a courant article detailing a reprimand in 2008 at SMSA.

gotta hand it to you Kevin-/ you have the juice!!!

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't hurt to send notice of this emerging mess and cover-up to the national media.


Thanks. I am not ready to talk about the resignation of the Superintendent until we know what she knew and when she knew it. I do think Dr Ngoudou should have been gone by Wednesday for her behvior, and the fact that she never informed the Superintendent of the text message regarding Genoa's behavior immediately is deplorable and should be inexcusable for failing the Suprintendent's trust.

Angel Morales said...

When the present Superintendent demoted Genao in 2014 she would have read his file and seen the reprimands for the 2 incidents of inappropriate contact with young girls. Yet it did not bother her enough to either fire him or put him in a situation in which he would not have any contact with young girls.She should be fired right along with her chif of staff who was too busy to deal with this present matter. I call upon the BOE members to do your duty to get rid of both of them so that Hartford's young school girls will not be accosted by predators anymore.

Anonymous said...

No the Hartford Board of Education Superintendent contract is not over. However, in past situations former Superintendents were denied a new contract. The present Superintendent hired Dr Ngoudou and they were friends years before the hire. Here is a perfect Central Office cover-up. The Superintendent and her Chief of Staff should be fired immediately. Yet this will never happen because the chairman and the Board of Education members have no clue.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I don't know where to begin. Unfortunately, I believe we may need better leadership at the top. Meaning the Superintendent should step down and let me explain. I learned today that the Superintendent to hired Chief of Staff Gnonou and she had no educational administrative experience at ALL. This says a lot about Superintendent Narvaez judgment. I learned the Chief of staff only taught for 5 years out of state and she never was an assistant principal, principal or assistant superintendent- positions you would think are a minimum prerequisite. The Union is investigating, but she appears to be the only high level school administrator with so little experience. The kicker we know for sure is that COS Gnounou does not have a Connecticut certification. Every teacher in the State has to hold a certification why is COS exempt? Why was she hired for this position with so little experience and no certification? Over 80% of the teachers in the Hartford Public Schools have more experience than COS Gnounou. In fact, I have more experience than COS Gnounou. Why would BOE Chairman Wareing approve this hire? I am told because the Superintedent and COS both attended his alma mata Harvard. So that is how we are making personnel decisions in Hartford and you wonder why Hartford fill in the blank. Also, not that it matters as much, COS Gnounou is only 32 years old. No wonder she doesn't have a certification she may not be old enough to get one. Kevin, if you don't trust it, check it for yourself. I got this information directly from the teacher's union top officials. Can you check to see if this is true? if so, then yes the Superintendent must go for her lack of judgment in hiring this COS. I can't believe all these people are that incompetent? There has to be one or two up there that isn't corrupt or incompetent. What a mess. Narvaez just received an extension of her contract and a raise to over $250,000 the tax payers deserve more for that type of money. It may be time to have the Mayor to make a public statement and tell us where he is on this matter. I did not know the Mayor selected Wareing, I thought he was voted in...SMH now we know why the Mayor is quiet this is his pick and he can't look bad. I am just saddened by all of this, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Thanks Kevin for bringing the light on a dark situation at the BOE.

Anonymous said...

I think it may be time for a State takeover. Fire them all!!! Hartford Citizens aren't the only stupid ones. As State taxpayers we all are. Over $250 million a year of State ECS (Educational Cost Sharing) funds go to Hartford Public Schools and as taxpayers this is what we get for $250 million dollars. This makes Hartford Yard Goat deal look like a bargain.

Anonymous said...

I have known Dr Lewis for sometime. He will continue his efforts to get to the bottom of this mess. The state should take over. Top Administrators and Board of Education Chair and BOE members need to be fired. They always want more money. Well now we know what the Big money goes to. Nothing worthwhile.

Anonymous said...


There is reporting, and there is vindication for several people who were victimized by the behavior of Mr. Genao. Thankfully, you did both very well.

That aside, how in the hell could the HBOE clear, ignore and essentially call taxpayers "liars" when Genao changed THE RACES OF CHILDREN to get more money? The hard working parents stated that it happened, they did not make this up. In the end when an HR member stated that there was "not enough evidence" and they signed the letter, they were essentially calling taxpayers liars.

The investigator should be fired. How dare anyone say that it did not happen.

Teachers, positioned near Genao, according to the Courant article, looked for light skinned children and light skinned children were identified and brought to Genao. They were told about the money that could be gained. The stories were completely identical on behalf of the students.

No evidence?

There are so many people who protected this animal, who allowed for this idiot to make a ridiculous salary. While I can not blame the HBOE for his final actions, because we do have free will....

You allowed Mr. Genao to have a belief that he was Teflon, that he could lie and manipulate children. What is interesting if that there was not enough outrage when a child was asked to change identity, in order to get more money for a school.
He sailed through that. He sailed through harassment of staff members throughout is tenure.

This is Federal money, too bad the Attorney General was too busy, he was attempting to defraud Federal Funds....

All along, I know. He was charming. That is what sociopaths are. They are very charming. Too bad there were educators and professionals in key positions at the board who did not possess a sense of courage or moral outrage to stand up to stop him and that so many people who loved SMSA and the children, Adult Ed educators who were victims and others are left with a sense of wonder.

Let the good times roll and let the heads roll with it. For those who protected, sided and gained from being a crony, you might have just as well have had your thumb on top of his when he texted the little girl. The weight of that thumb and the sense of entitlement was built through your support.

Anonymous said...


Commenters have suggested that the BOE should do their diligence and go on a witch hunt and take appropriate action. But hold on. One could extrapolate that they are also part of the problem. It is hard for me to understand how a board could be naive to the poor function of the administration. I suggest that this corruption is possibly endemic from the boa right on over into other departments. I offer as evidence of this do nothing board that when teachers and school personal were found erasing wrong answers at Betances in exchange for bonus money, than you realize that the Board is corrupt. We already know how dysfunctional the Public Works and Fire departments are. We had a mayor who would have been better employed as a dish washer. And I could mention other departments but here are two that have either been in the news or are about to be reintroduced in news articles.

You brought up a good point about federal monies. I think this could become an FBI investigation. And speaking of the Feds, I forgot to mention the Treasurer's office writing $650,000.00 check to a family-connected thief who absconds with the money and just because the funds were insured, we move on as business as usual.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in Luke's home at the dinner hour.

Sara: "Honey, let's get the f__k out of here. It's not worth it."

Luke: "But baby doll, this could be the start of my long rise in politics."

Sara: "I did historic research at the law school dating back to Betty Knox as councilwoman and beyond. There is a long history here and it is all Machiavellian. They stab you in the back with one hand while shaking your hand with the other. No, let's move and do it in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep."

Sara: "Vamanos ahora."

peter brush said...

I think it may be time for a State takeover. Fire them all!!! Hartford Citizens aren't the only stupid ones. As State taxpayers we all are.
We did a "takeover" back in the nineties. The State pretended it wasn't already in control, left after a couple of years, and declared victory.
The State has cooked up a twisted system of districts. The only local control over the schools is in the election of the Board. The Board itself is an agent of the State. Why should the City be on the hook having to pay for this incompetent, unaccountable, and absurdly expensive mal-education bureaucracy?
With deficits that are projected to hit $48.5 million in 2017, $69 million in 2018 and $88 million in 2019, Bronin says he will need to obtain more than $12 million in concessions and will still have to shrink the workforce through layoffs.

The city has a budget of $533 million, including $284 million for schools. Its authorized non-education workforce for 2016 is 1,429 full-time positions, including 452 police officers and 356 firefighters.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, if it makes any difference, the mayor did speak on the issue to NBC CT.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10:10 AM:

We had a mayor who would have been better employed as a dish washer.
That's an unacceptable insult to Pedro Maria Caviar Segarra. This has already been debated in the past; the conclusion was that Segarra is 100% qualified to be the hot dog vendor ("would you like a sosa with it?") in the future ballpark, as long as has Charlie O. supervises him.

Anonymous said...

Segarra would do an excellent job in the Dunkin Donuts stadium cleaning the restrooms. Especially the men's room. After all, the only thing the Yardgoats owners will be paying for is the stadium's urinals automatic flushing

peter brush said...

The State acts as if it is not responsible for the schools. Even when it lost in "civil rights" litigation lo these twenty years ago, it pretends that it is only the Hartford schools that are racially segregated and that Hartford will have the problem fixed one of these decades. In the mean time, the phony Governor climbs on his high horse to condemn jurisdictions that aren't egalitarian enough with regard to sexual disorientation.
My question is not rhetorical. Why should Hartford have to pay one red cent for the crumby State District?
Malloy must have enjoyed the afternoon of attention that the Indiana incident brought, because last month he leapt at another juicy opportunity to grab the mic and advertise his pristine virtue. This time it was North Carolina’s democratically elected legislature that no one in Connecticut was demanding be punished. Tar Heel State lawmakers drew the ire of righteous liberals everywhere when they passed a bill requiring that people use bathrooms and changing facilities according to their biological gender.

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2016 at 7:27 AM
If I had to guess who's the anonymous who posted this comment it would be Sara Bronin herself. Honestly, as said, it's just not worth it.

Anonymous said...

How can this Mayor keep crying financial crisis and keep hiring new employees. Not police and fire mind you, executive assistants and other type employees in the SAME department where they just laid off 4 workers for lack of funds. This behavior speaks to his arrogance and naivete about government. No one respects a two faced liar Mr. Mayor, no one.

Anonymous said...


In all do respect, Bro in has only beeninsince Jan 1. I too am beginning to criticize him but I think he should be given some slack. Just a little. Than, if he doesn't measure up to what he promised during election, fine. He did say that we can't afford to do business as usual. We can hold him to this. Departments heads either measure up or leave.

Let's give Bronin a little more time. Things are really f___ed up now.

Anonymous said...

wow -

Anonymous said...

"In September 2012, the board, under a new majority, gave Kishimoto a scathing performance review for her first year as superintendent, negating the possibility of a bonus. Last fall, after the board had already voted not to extend her contract, Kishimoto declined to receive a formal evaluation for her second year."

Does this mean that the Betansas School test score fugging for bonuses weren't enough to put her over the top? More teachers in other schools should have opted for the false scores and enjoy the bonuses.

But my mouth is ajar over this pay and benefit package. It wasn't necessary to offer so much more.

If I may sound redundant again, test scores will never ever ever increase until uneducated fertile teenage mamas are incentivised to not pop out babies. I suggest offering them money and extra bonuses for terminating pregnancy. Money well spent and a savings for the next 18 years as a down payment. Nothing personal intended here. Just the facts, mame.

peter brush said...

Betansas School test score fugging for bonuses
I really would appreciate it if the District Board would explain that test fraud situation. Or if the State would explain. (It paid for the law firm's investigation and report.)
When I asked the incoming Super she told me that the people involved had made their leave from the District permanent; no explanation. It wasn't her deal, but why the silence from the Board?

Dear Superintendent Schiavino:
No can reach the Board through their e-mail links at their website. Perhaps you have some knowledge of the investigation into the sickening fraud conducted at Betances School. Is the investigation ongoing? Or, has it concluded, in which case, what's the news?
Thanks for your consideration.
Peter Brush

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 8:37 AM, "Narvaez, Beth" wrote:

Dear Mr. Brush,

Thank you for your email. The matter is no longer pending as both employees, who had been on administrative leave, left the district on June 30, 2014.

Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Anonymous said...

Peter, so this is her answer. No arrest. No punishment. I guess I should rob the local municipal credit union and well, leave town since leaving town should obsolve me of any wrongdoing.

peter brush said...

so this is her answer. No arrest. No punishment.
It's not so much her answer. She had nothing to do with it. At least she responded to an initial inquiry. I've never heard word one from the Board. Reporters at the Courant said they were trying to get info through FOIA.

The city board of education was informed that Betances Principal Immacula Didier and Linda Liss-Bronstein, Betances’ literacy coach and dean of professional development, are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, said Matthew Poland, the board’s chairman.

Mr. Rich Wareing
Ct. Hartford School District Board

Dear Rich:
I have seen no reports of the conclusions of the investigation into the test fraud at Betances School. I am aware that it was determined by some outside lawyers that test tampering occurred, and aware that the Principal and a reading teacher were put on leave. As far as I know, there was never a determination as to who did the tampering. Is the investigation still ongoing?
Thanks for your consideration.
Peter B.

Anonymous said...

So if Dick Wareing wouldn't respond to someone telling him that a child was in danger, I surely hope you are not holding your breathe waiting on a response about test scores. However, just found out that the BOE Chair can tell everyone else about what is good for Hartford kids - yet he has no children of his own in Hartford Public Schools - Welcome to Hypocrite Public schools.

peter brush said...

I surely hope you are not holding your breathe waiting on a response
No; and I'm not holding my breath waiting for the State's Attorney to do something. The people of Hartford should one day get sick and tired and not take it any more, what with the illiteracy, innumeracy, the utter lack of historical knowledge. In the mean time, it appears that there's very little shame at the Connecticut Public School's Hartford District.
Office of the Chief State's Attorney
300 Corporate Place
Rocky Hill, Ct. 06067


To whom it may concern:

A couple of years ago here in Hartford we had an incident of test score fraud in the Connecticut School District's Betances School. The problem was identified by an outside law firm brought in by the State Education guys. While the test tampering was identified, the people who may have done it were not. Nor have they been subsequently by the Hartford Board in whose hands the matter has rested. More importantly, there has never been a report on the matter explaining what was done and with what impact on the kids.
I asked the new Superintendent about it, and she told me that the matter was settled. Two unidentified individuals had left the District; case closed. I am writing to inquire if this might be the sort of thing your office may have an interest in pursuing.

Thank you for your consideration.
Peter Brush

Anonymous said...


I am not in disagreement with you on the issues of test scores... But just because he hasn't children in Hartford schools does not make him a hypocrite.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Thank you Mr Brush for your attention and persistence to the test tampering issue at Betances. I sit on the Audit Commission and will be requesting that our auditors investigate the Betances matter, including referring it to the authorities.

peter brush said...

Thank you, Mr. Rubenstein. I really think there must be a systemic/programmatic/bureaucratic/union problem not wishing itself to be exposed, but a report on that particular instance of fraud would be most appreciated. I know that from 20 years ago when I had a kid in the System that the curriculum at these elementary schools is now not much more than test prep for the hideous standardized CMTs and their successors. It is insult to injury if the kids are going to be lied to about how they do on the tests.

Thanks to you, Kevin B., for allowing me to be so graphic in my posts.


Thank you Peter for always staying on point with your well thought out comments. I only wish we were exposing something else besides the abuse of a 13 year old girl.

peter brush said...

Apr 12 at 4:59 PM
Dear Mr. Brush:

Thank you for contacting the Division of Criminal Justice. This information will be reviewed in the ordinary course to determine if a criminal investigation is warranted.


State of Connecticut
Division of Criminal Justice
300 Corporate Place