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Tuesday, April 5, 2016



Anonymous said...

Kevin, you continue to sugarcoat just how incompetent Bronin truly is. He knew himself how totally incapable he truly is of handling negotiations so he tried to find an easy way out. But the plan hatched far ahead of inauguration was an astounding flop. If his bill had passed, city workers would have no more rights than share croppers. You have no idea what King Joffery has started. With the number of veterans leaving Hpd and Hfd, the city will never recover. There will be no experience to train the next generations. Criminals will take advantage of this situation and young inexperienced firefighters will die in fires. Everyone with half a brain believes that babies should not raise babies. Well babies should not supervise and train babies for life threatening jobs! By July 1, 2016 the services rendered by the Hartfords' Fire and Police Departments will be forever altered!

Anonymous said...

Now that the Mayor has no choice but to negotiate with the unions he is really under the gun and in over his head. Now he has to show the burden of proof. He can't just start a conversation where the deficit is 5mil and by the end of his sentence it's 62mil. The unions will negotiate in good faith and give back according to the proof, what Bronin was trying to avoid at all costs.