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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Apparently Hartford history is getting ready to repeat itself. And for those at the Hartford Fire Department seeing the name Terry Waller, note it is probably not going to affect you.

What was done in an attempt to get Terry Waller special treatment to gain the Hartford Fire Departments  Assistant Chief position, is ,according to sources, about to take place for another individual vying for an Assistant Chief position in the Hartford Police Department.

According to sources, the Office of the Corporation Counsel is in the process of tinkering with the job specs to rewrite the description for Assistant Chief for HPD so that the position is tailor made for one specific individual and exclude specifically another.

 More on this as it moves forward, but hopefully this posting will have the same effect of shining the light on it as it did with Waller's  coronation.

The Assistant Chief position at HPD has been left unfilled for most of the past year.


Anonymous said...

Everything in Hartford still the same. Bring back Terry Waller, Saundra Borges, Maribel LaLuz, Tom Deller, Pedro and Charlie:
You won't feel the difference, it's all the same as it was before.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Deputy Chief that had the driver's window smashed out of his City issued car this past summer when he was caught having sex with a female subordinate in West Hartford Center by the subordinates husband? Sounds like a good candidate for promotion. And I think he also falsified the incident report on how the damage occurred.

Gentry's Sentries said...

Can anyone say "Gamblers Anonymous" for that same Deputy Chief?

Sgt gentry said...

Who do you suggest get it then brockman ? Let me guess, the 1st place table dancer. I bet u dont post this because foley feeds you intel and you protect him as always. ...
I am embarassed ......we are embarrassed...

Pepper steak said...

Ford is ok. He at least cares about his italian officers ....

Booty on duty in WH said...

Thody for The new spot. But hes not the right color. Oh well.
How about Sgt/ det thorpe? He is the man.

Anonymous said...

Neville Brooks for Chief.

Neville Brooks for Chief.

Neville Brooks for Chief.

Rob Ford for meter maid .


My support would be for Neville Brooks when the time is right for a change.



only if those Italian Officers don't come with Italian families, at least that is what I read in the IAD complaints

Anonymous said...


Trump 2016 said...

The department needs a good wipe and flush. Go outside and find someone with the correct values and motivation. We don't need favoritism, polictial drama, or corruption. Freeman was the correct choice for HFD, HPD needs someone with no connections.

Flatliner supporter said...

The deal is already done. The ink is dry. Chief Ford takes command soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Kee-Borges and Terry Waller.
Jared Kupiek and David Panagore. Charlie Ortiz and Pedro Maria Caviar.
Oh the good old days, but now we are stressed out.

Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they stay the same. New cast of characters doing the same old stunts.

Patrol clam said...

Why do we have six deputy chiefs here? And then we have three captains who do absolutely nothing. Take home vehicles with six figure pensions already in place.
The fat needs to be taken off the cooked pig.
And expect to get zero consessions from the police union Bronin. Zero! Not a nickel. How about you get some back from the board of ed and their 170 k ?
Cops and fire get paid crap compared to others in the city. ( obviously except for certain pj trooper house mouses like reathis who does nothing and gets 200 k a year with a take home car and free gas...)

Chris Lyons retired HPD said...

How about giving a tip of the hat to PJ Sullivan who retired last week after 37 years of service to the City of Hartford instead of all the negative B/S that is thrown around the blog.

He worked in 5 decades in the City of Hartford and as someone who worked with him a great deal I can tell everyone that any police officer never worried about his safety when PJ was with you on patrol, on a case or an incident. That's what being a police officer is mostly about protecting your fellow officers, not sniping behind anonymity.

Congrats on a great career PJ. You were and are one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Reathis needs to go .

Anonymous said...

Ford will clean up this dept very quickly. U cant bullshit him at all. He knows all the tricks. The ones worried are the ones up to no good round here.
Ford is not the first to have relations on duty, and you can bet your pj slip he wont be the last.
And to all these blah blah super good citizens who think differently about venting on the blog, dont read it. Go on a blog that interests you. Table tennis or how to build a uhart bird cage


I would hope that we aren't willing to overlook immoral behavior jus because others may be immoral also . We need leaders that lead by example, not that are willing to go along with the crowd

A pig is still a pig no matter how much lipstick we put on to change the appearance.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that such a self righteous person as yourself doesn't see anything immoral in the backdoor power play that the Mayor tried to pull.



Did you read my post "" I don't think you can call it immoral though, the neglect of Segarra and his Council could probably be called immoral.

Anonymous said...


Regroup and move forward says that we tried something seriously &%#*%# up and it blew up in our faces. Now that we have no choice, let's see what we can do together. Our union leaders know that Bronin can't be trusted. He brought that on himself. It was a terrible first impression. Every city worker hates him and it will not change. Do not underestimate the damage he has done to Hartford in such a short time. People who once thought of the city as their careers and lives now think of it as a place to escape. You knew full well what his plan would accomplish and supported it 100% until it went south. Tour attempt to change perspective means nothing.

Anonymous said...

@Cris Lyons

Your defense of your former colleague is laudable. And I am sure he did his job well by your remarks. But I think we are discussing that the pensions are no longer affordable in their present structure. We can't afford it. New negotiations must lead they way to fiscal stability. If someone is beating up on the pay structure, it is only because their and your former union greedily negotiated what now is unaffordable.

It's not personal and it shouldn't be.

Signed, Your Pay Master.

Anonymous said...


If your union members hate Bronin, it is only because ya'll have fired each other up. What he has said and what I say, as your pay master, is that we can't afford to give you what you have been getting. So you have two options. Negotiate a lower package or lay off your fellow workers. And my guess is that you guys won't budge on the plans so you will sacrifice your least senior members and you usually do this because really, you don't give a damn for your membership. You only care to keep was has been negotiated.

Let me tell you something pal, if you think for one moment that we tax payers support your demands, you are quite mistaken. You made a lot of noise as expected on cue like a bunch of drunkun monkeys.

The silent majority has not yet spoken. Watch, listen and you might learn something.

Anonymous said...

Hey last comment ,
Go right ahead. The police dept is already down about 100 cops, plus another 40 can leave by years end. So go right ahead and push that button. There is zero the mayor can do to the police dept. Zero.
I dont mind not having an active contract for a couple of years. It happened before and i still get my 2-3 pjs a week. Plus wait till the summer when they need about 30 cops for the meadows, 25 plus cops for the ball park traffic, and the other parades, riverfest...etc.
i still will live quite well.
I suggest to the mayor, and i think Mr Brookman agrees, how about cut some of these 180k a year board of ed made up positons. It obviously does not work since the city will be paying millions, yes millions for the creeper touching kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey tax payer,
We have something called a union and a contract with the city of hartford. We have no problem if the mayor wants to go to arbitration. You mr tax payer will be paying the attorney fees.
We have plenty of cash on hand in our union account. So no problem.
And just take a little look at whom the courts usually side with in recent history. Yup. The workers. So good luck with your thinking. Maybe you should run for mayor and change some things.
Its really not bronins fault. Sagarra sank the city.
Maybe we can have the tax payers patrol albany ave on a weekend at 3 am. I bet you dont show for your shift mr tax payer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Po-liceman, why do you such hatred in your heart? Tell me Mr Po-liceman, do you live in Hartford? My guess is no. If you don't like working here, go find a job somewhere else. You have misplaced attitude. If Hartford goes into bankruptcy, you will be singing a different tune. I don't need to run for office. The rest of us middle income folks will waltz right out of Hartford. And least I forget to ask, why do you think all of this is directed toward the HPD?


We really need to stop the back and forth hatred and focus on a solution. This whole situation has been handled very poorly and we need results, not ego's and finger pointing. If you think your property values are bad now, wait until a bankruptcy declaration comes about. Things are bad, but with adults working together I am confident will be on the road to recovery in the next six months, if not sooner, and possibly without any State intervention.

Anonymous said...


He thinks that his department is being make the scapegoat and he is simply wrong. In a remote way, I can understand why Bronin went first to the state. He now has cover if he cannot make any substantial progress. And it places pressure on the unions to fess up their fair share. But Bronis is making a huge mistake by not showing a need to reduce on the management side.

Even a new chief won't fix HPD said...

It's laughable when people complain that the city employees don't reside in the city. Just add the requirement to the contracts and see how many people stick around. Why would I raise a family there? High taxes, high crime, no incentives and low morale compasses of residents (in most of the neighborhoods.) (I know it's controversial to say that, but just think...most residents don't even use trash cans they just throw it on the ground in full public view with no shame) I'd love to stay around and fix it all, but it seems people are offended when you call them out on this nonsense (noise, littering, ya know basic neighborly stuff)

Unfortunately the solution to the budget problem is staring everyone in the face and they don't want to accept it.

74.1 million on public safety (police/fire/dispatch)
13.1 million on public works (dpw)
04.1 million on development services
**284 million on education**

ding ding ding...I wonder where all the money is going? ummmmmmm

Cut most of the money from the education budget. Stop building new stuff and consolidate your 20 different flavors of schools. Education won't go down the tubes, I can't get much worse.

All the union contracts are available tell me what you want to cut out of the the work force that's going to be any significant budget savings. I don't see it. Most unions aren't going to give much concessions because they realize they won't be getting anything for years to come. Plus they need to retain and recruit workers as most core departments are understaffed.

In addition...The CT budget will be fixed easily if Trump wins. $956,860,076 is the cost of illegal immigration to CT. ( When we start seeing the money savings and the budget issues being solved, everyone will get over Trump being president.

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

To the anonymous guy who said that "my defense of a fellow officer was laudable" it wasn't a defense. It was a statement of appreciation for a fine officer and a good person.

I am guessing that no one remembers that in the mid 1990's members of the Hartford Police Department got several years of a 0% raise and we might have complained but still did our jobs. We took the hit, did out jobs and did our part to keep the city safe, an ever increasing hard job. I didn't hear the Paymaster talking about that.

Of the police era I was in, I started out making $214 dollars a week after taxes. That was 1981. Only through the good work of the Union Executive Board working with the city did we obtain deserved raises throughout the 1980's.

Police work can be tough,very dangerous and police officers are always either taken for granted or underappreciated. Without police officers protecting the city there would be chaos and that is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Officer Lyons, I understand what you are saying and I agree. I think at the time, the mayor's salary was about $25,000.00 per annum. It is all relative. But we are hearing of over time salaries pushing way up and then, the push to increase the pension far beyond what is affordable. I mean no disrespect. You worked hard and honorable. But a comprehensive study and solution must get hammered out. However this happens, I don't think you can disagree.

Now, I must return to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Was he banging the Fire LT. wife's again or someone else's wife??