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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


You  can read the full story here.


Anonymous said...

Great video! Here, we get to see the criminals who spearheaded and touted the marvelous benefits of this project--Segarra, Wooden, and Kennedy. Hmmm--haven't seen much of them lately. But you gotta love that hard hats and shovels clip. Then we get to see UConn professor Fred Carstensen, finally telling the real truth instead of the sanitized, edited version of his bought-and-paid-for analysis that the administration used, the media publicized, and the city swallowed. We also hear from two well-respected members of the press who aren't afraid to put the facts--as they see them--out there. And you just have to love the shot of New Britain mayor Erin Stewart unveiling that city's new team with a big smile. Did everyone take note of the empty Campbell's stadium in Camden, New Jersey? Finally, I hope the people remember the clip of those concerned and dedicated Hartford residents who had the guts and the foresight to speak out and march against the stadium project 21 months ago, in the face of scorn, ridicule, and name-calling from fellow citizens, city officials, and the media. Guess what? they were right.

Anonymous said...

FBI arrested town officials in NY today in connection with a minor league stadium deal. Anything sound familiar?

Anonymous said...


I don't think there was much scorn with those protesting except with the mayor and his devoted boys club.