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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Dr. Eduardo Genao, Hartford Schools
The Predator Superintendent  is in Police custody after his arrest warrant was signed earlier today

The next photograph you will most likely see posted here of Hartford's Assistant Superintendent of Schools Eduardo Genao will  be his arrest photo.

According to sources, Hartford detectives are planning to arrest Genao at his home in Hamden tonight on a single count of Risk of Injury to a Minor. The single count may only just be the beginning as  the investigation continues and more forensic evidence is reviewed by investigators. 

The arrest is most likely an effort to get Genao's passport in the Courts custody. Genao apparently has strong ties to the Dominican Republic and authorities were concerned about Genao being a flight risk as  the investigation continues.

Sources are also telling me that dependin on the evidence found, the investigation has the potential to be turned over to Federal authorities due to the scope and interstate violations that may have been involved.

To read more about Genao's escapades and my original posting, click here


Anonymous said...

Glad this creep will be off the streets although bond probably won't be much. Wonder if he has same ties to DR that O'Garro had; maybe they can share a cell.

Anonymous said...

YES! Justice is sweet. I hope justice don't stop with Eddie the Perp. There are Three more just as guilty as Eddie the Perp.

Alyssa said...

GREAT work, Kevin and Hyacinth, for taking the initiative to get the investigation started. And not sure where things would have gone without your intense and ongoing focus. Yet another investigation started as a result of your blogging.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with all the comments above. Kevin you have out classed them all. I am not sure what Hyacinth has done, but congratulations and thank you to her if she contributed. The citizens of Hartford can depend on We The People, for the truth, and a relentless pursuit of justice. Reverend Lewis is also to be commended. Just wanted to say thanks to all involved.