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Friday, April 15, 2016


I have to ask, aren't we still living in a Democracy here in the United States of America. This political season has taken on one of the nastiest tones I have seen in my lifetime. The Democratic debate last night makes me wonder if either of them has the dignity, integrity or demeanor to be President of the United States.

 With Donald Trump coming to Hartford tonight, we are being promised a true three ring circus by protester's coming into our City to wreak havoc. Not from the Trump campaign but by outsiders who want to shut his message down

Did I miss something over the years? Isn't a Democracy about putting ideas out there, whether you agree with them or not. We all have the right to say and listen to anyone we want. Then we have the ultimate choice to make of who we support with our vote.

It is a pretty simple theory and those who wish to shut down that process through, shouting, yelling, chaos and pepper spray should really look back. They should be looking back at the men and women who have fought and died for their right to go out there and act like idiots, injuring other citizens as well as Police Officers in the process.

If you don't like Donald Trump, don't vote for him. Go out there and work your ass of for the candidate you believe in, but please don't disenfranchise those people who really want to listen and learn about the candidates. It just seems hypocritical that the same people that are trying to shut down the Trump message are many of the same people that have been marginalized over the years by the same narrow-mindedness that they themselves are now exhibiting.

Our Democracy allows for a free exchange of ideas and thoughts everyday by everyone, and that includes Donald Trump and his supporters and even the people that just want to listen to him before making up their minds on which candidate earns their vote.


Anonymous said...

We are all getting older and hence, think the world is falling apart. I have news for you; it isn't. But then again, it is. All depends on how you put your depends on and not go potty at the wrong place and time.

Have you forgotten Chicago, 1968? Have you forgotten when two political leaders drew pistols in a draw? There is an ebb and a flow here. Kevin, don't get your hopes pinned on a shyster, ego maniac, good for nothing screw ball like Trump. He has touched the disenfranchised voter like no other since Ross Perot in 1992. And Perot had no intention of being president. He onlywantedto spoil things for Bush. And he did and I have proof. His rive lot is an Eddie Gomaz character from The Munsters who who shut down the government instead of tried and true political compromise.

Enough for now. Hey Kevin, I tried getting a ticket but they don't respond. I would not protest him. I want him to be the nominee. Do you ask "Why?"

Anonymous said...

I think the candidate as well as the protesters could all be classified as circus performers.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I am not going this evening as I have to work but want to say this. You claim outsiders are coming to protest. Well I have lived here in Hartford for 40 years if I wasn't working I would be out there. I know many other residents of Hartford who are going tonight to protest. Our right to protest is what many of us fought for in Nam and all the other wars. You know that. I would have no intention of blocking anyone or denying anyone their right to go to listen to any candidate. Just as I wish no one to block me or call me out for protesting.

While I on here let me say thank you for writing this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm a convert the rally was awesome

Anonymous said...

I am 1:42. I was there. For the most part, everyone was civil if rambunctious especially as Trump supporters had to wade through the protestors to get to the venue. Everyone had a good time. I didn't see anything ugly happening. I would have gladly chatted with supporters but they needed to get into the venue and the line was very long. I was impressed. I applied for a ticket but I must have just missed the cut off and couldn get in. If I had gotten in, I would not have protested. I am too respectful for that. Besides, I believe that Trump is a God-send for democrats. Trump will blow apart the republicans this year one way or another. If he is nominated, spirits from the other world will return to vote against him. If he doesn't get the nod, he will be a baby and accuse the party of unfairness and proceed to destroy it for 2016. This is why Paul Ryan wants nothing to do with running this year. He will be president in 2020. My prediction is that Hillary will have one term in office and we will all be so tired of her that even democrats will vote for Ryan. But this will happen after Clinton replaces a few Supreme Court justices.

And that is what it is all about. We must get the high court to have a liberal or at least, centrist majority. No more neocon crap, please. No more pro-gun lobby support. No more corporations are citizens crap. No more taking rights away from women. Lastly, Trump is the worst kind of person because he is seducing the disenchanted and making them believe that he is the great savior. He is nothing more than a demigod. He will leave his supporters hanging just as Ross Perot abandoned his disenchanted supporters in another generation. Life goes on.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, people all over the country are sick and tired of the "professional" politicians promising us anything and everything during the campaigns. Time for a change.

bubblicious said...

Kevin, people have forgetten the meaning of democracy. We live in a world where you can't even chew gum without being yelled at. Smh

Anonymous said...

Hillary is owned by the Zionist controlled Goldman Sachs and will gladly advance the "cultural Marxist" agenda. Most of you are too dumbed down to know what that means. But even people of modest intellect can do a google search. Why don't you look into it.

Anonymous said...


The reason no one will do as you ask and search is because you are the bigger DUMB DODO with your comments. Where did you get the term "cultural Maxist" from Bernie's Socialist coloring book and be sure to use the correct numbered crayons or your will fail kindergarten to first.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the "change" you seek is to put someone utterly inexperienced in governing into the highest office of our country. It's also curious that you talk about those who promise "anything and everything", when Trump has made a litany of promises with nothing more to back them up than "just you wait" and "I guarantee it!"

Anonymous said...

It's rigged, God willing.

With assurances of self destruction, God willing.

Cruz verses Trump: Mussolini verses Richie Rich

President Trump said...

Trump will be in charge very soon. Even the liberal socialists like malloy and dark helmet bronin will have zero say. We need guts and leadership. Other countries laugh at us because of obama. Its time to take back this country.
And bronin talks about how its a done deal about union concessions.
He is about to get a wakeup call. All union members need to vote on any contract changes.
Good luck with that bronin.
I smell the odor of arbitration in about two years ........

Anonymous said...

Sad that with over 350 million people to chose from we end up with candidates who put their own narrow interests bias is ahead the best intersts of our nation. God help us all!

As for matter of outsiders protesting - the candidates are all themselves outsiders. As I recall those who protested in Washington DC during the civil rights movement were definitely 'outsiders' as were those who protested against the Vietnam war.

Anonymous said...


George Washington warned his contemporaries of forming political parties. This is the end result. They are all crooked and corrupt. All of them. Even the good guys are corrupt. Of course, we only support the good guys, right?