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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The arrest warrant application for Hartford Schools Eduardo Genao is below. This is most likely only the first stage as the investigation continues. I understand that everyone has the right to plead not guilty, but this application paints a very disturbing pattern of behavior by Genao. 
The smoothness and the manner in which Genao gained the confidence of the 13 year old victim would make me think he didn't seem nervous and was well practiced in his stalking behavior.

At least on the positive side, he is out of the Hartford Schools 

Some of this application is graphic, please be forewarned.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, the scary thing is that he looks so normal.

Anonymous said...

Even scarier is how the Mayor has been so quiet on BOE Chair Wareing lack of actions regarding this situation. How the Superintendent has been so quiet on the chief of staff Gounou (why does she Gounou still has a job?) It is really disappointing and most importantly discouraging. These high paid incompetent people (so called education) keep their job no matter what they do or don't do. I hate to say it, but this is Hartford being Hartford and I should not ever get my hopes up that the right thing will ever happen in Hartford. Unfortunately, I hate to say it but, I think it is time for me and my family to give up on Hartford. I can't stand the thought of my tax dollars paying the salary of the ones who are in charge to watch after our kids. Why aren't they being held accountable for their actions... well enough for me. I will start looking for a home else where. I just hope the last one that leaves Hartford don't forget to turn out the lights.

Honest John said...

As I said before, Wearing and Bronin are friends and don't expect anything else other then the BS that he has already said.The Superintendent transferred the pervert in 2014 and in order to do the transfer she would have had to review the pervert's file and would have seen the other 2 instances where he perved 2 young girls.....yet she kept him on his job and he continued to get 180 thousand a year salary. The Mayor knows this as he reads this does his wife....and we will not hold our breathe waiting for Mayor Bronin to lead the charge to ask for the resignation of the Superintendent and her negligent chief of staff.

Anonymous said...


In all do respect to the mayor, he can't litigate every new issue in public. If you confronted an organization that was fundamentally broken, would you go before the public to make remedies? He also has only been in office 4 1/2 months. He made one tactical error so far with the attempt to form a negotiating board. Nothing can be changed overnight.

Anonymous said...

I have just read the police report. OMG-if this had happen in any other of the 168 towns in CT the BOE Chair, Superintendent, Chief of Staff, personnel director and a few more would have been fired by now. This is really criminal. I can't believe the news outlets haven't been all over this. There is no way the Superintendent did not know about Genao's past. If she didn't know she should fire the personnel director. The BOE Chairman said he didn't see the email (liar, liar, hair is on fire.. Hartford has a bunch of liars and they will get away with this!! Just imagine if they get away with this, what else have they already gotten away with that we don't even know about. What a corrupt place. All the children that are being led by these corrupt people. Just shameful, downright shameful. I really cant believe this is really happening.

Anonymous said...

What jumped out at me is that Roldan is the communications director for the schools. Why does that incompetent scumbag even still have a job? Eddie Perez is out of office. Get rid of his crew already, for Christ's sake.