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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


In the month of April Hartford Police Department Vice & Narcotics Detectives received information from New Hampshire Police about an individual selling large amounts of heroin over state lines. New Hampshire Police were able to provide HPD detectives with a phone number and the nickname "J".

HPD detectives were able to identify the target "J" as Juan Facundo of 377 Franklin Avenue. Several controlled purchases were conducted by HPD Vice & Narco detectives using an undercover officer. Based on those sales, HPD detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Facundo and a search warrant for his home. On April 18, 2016 HPD Detectives set up another controlled purchase and when Facundo arrived he was placed under arrest for his outstanding warrant for sale of narcotics.

Facundo was found to be in possession of 345 bags of heroin. Subsequently the Detectives executed the search warrant at the targets home and recovered 600 more bags of heroin, 2 ounces of crack cocaine, $3791.00 in U.S currency and packaging material. A juvenile (4 years old) was also located within the apartment and was well within the reach of all the recovered drugs. Immediate notifications were made to DCF in regards to this issue by HPD Detectives. Facundo was placed under arrest for narcotics related charges and transported to HPD booking.

Arrest: Juan Facundo 23, of 377 Franklin Avenue apt 3N

Warrant CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics, sale of narcotics (warrant)

New CHARGES: Possession of Narcotics (2cts), Drug Factory, Possession with intent to sell narcotics (2cts), Risk of Injury to a minor.

1 comment:

Chris Lyons retired HPD said...

Again outstanding work by the Hartford Police in locking up this drug dealing criminal. The Vice and Narcotics Unit as well as other Hartford Police are making large seizures of packaged heroin almost an everyday detail.

This suspect should be warehoused away fro m anyone for a long time.

Nice work and it is appreciated.

Never anonymous