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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Apparently that eye on the sparrow proved to be a little too much scrutiny for Mayor Bronin's nominee to fill a vacant Board of Education seat. Word tonight from Hartford City Hall sources is that Bronin's pick, Harold Sparrow, has withdrawn his name from consideration.

The news of Sparrow's homophobic past was first detailed by another local blogger, Jonathan Pelto, you can read that story here

This nomination by Bronin was another misstep in an Administration that seems to be plagued by amateur mistakes. Has no one on Bronin's high paid staff ever heard of Google or the Internet?Apparently Jonathan Pelto has. Wouldn't that normally be the first turn to vette a name for an appointment before going public with the announcement? Just type it in and see what pops up, It really is quite simple, as well as a common business practice.

I would think that any good staffer, with the Mayor's best interest in mind would check out any nominee to avoid embarrassment to the Boss. But apparently that is not the case at 550 Main Street. And these missteps don't do an awful lot to build confidence in the City of Hartford's operations as Mayor Bronin  continues his suburban Town Hall tour.

We need to get our own house in order if people are to really believe Hartford has changed its mistakes of the past. So far it seems to be more business as usual. But at least we can take our eye off the sparrow and move on to the next distraction.


Anonymous said...

What happened to his(pelto's ) blog, wait,what?
He followed bronin's bs for a while.
This move makes me think Luke wants out since Clinton's (Molloy's DNC buddy)loss. Hegelian dialectic anybody??? Controlled crisis?? How could he be so dim?! He is Hartford's hope! Ostensible leader..... damn modern lib tool

Anonymous said...

Sparrow....From Boston, San Francisco's homophobic , racist and oddly liberal cousin on the east coast.Strong homophobic votes come from black American districts. WTF is that? Despite political shortcomings, he's probably an astute bureaucrat and a strong asset for Team Bronin,objectively that is. Liberals' catch 22...public and private opinions

Anonymous said...

So he's against gay marriage most Christians and churches and a lot of people in America are and so are most of your followers Kevin who happened to be starch conservative republicans so what's the issue here god said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!!

Anonymous said...

The guys working for a church! Who cares about his religious beliefs! I thought we are suppose to be accepting! I'm a devout Catholic, and I believe men that lie with men and woman that lie with woman are going to burn in hell for eternity.

These are MY religious beliefs! I don't force them on other people and I'm respectful to lesbian and homosexual couples. Why is should someone be denied a job for their religious beliefs Kevin? If he's not mean to others and is qualified for the job hire him! We need people with work ethic in the city.

Anonymous said...

This is the product of identity politics. The mayor has been foist upon his own petard with the kind of one sided using the politically correct mentality to get what he wants. He would have used this kind of material to decimate somebody who he politically opposes his agenda.

Too bad the climate change and global warming doesn't melt the SNOWFLAKES of the world and bring them back to reality.

We need common sense back in our politics.

This misconception is so deep in the minds of the elites that they are trying to use Orwell's 1984 to bring down the current administration. The double think double speak world of Orwell is the one that has been built over the past 8 years. It is time to grow up Snowflakes - - How do they have all this time to protest? Don't they have jobs?


It is not a job. It is a politically appointed position

Anonymous said...

Because evidence would have shown at the hearing tonite how Mr. Sparrow's poverty pimping organization is not as welcoming as it might be under his leadership. His history in Boston showed success with youth development, how can you justify helping straight kids at the expense of queer youth?

A skillful cross examiner would have led him into an intellectual trap. His holy rolling would force him to testify A) his faith and religious beliefs and Biblical authority have been that homosexuality is a sin against God; B) he worked for the Boston alliance because of his faith, C) his faith is stronger today than it was 10 or 15 years ago, but D) somewhere along the way, God told him he shouldn't discriminate against queers, and we are to believe that he has changed his mind and heart and his view of God and the Bible so thoroughly that we should not worry about residual discrimination.

That line of questioning wouldn't disqualify him in the mindlessness of the Democratic majority, but for the rest of us with brains and vertebrae, we would see him for the fool he is.

His withdrawal saves us all this embarrassment.

But, jeez, Mayor Lukewarm: the google, man, the google.

Anonymous said...

And Kim Oliver won't be conflicted at all... there's a 120,000 people in Hartford and someone on the city payroll is the only one qualified to be on the board of education? We don't want to grow our talent pool?