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Monday, January 30, 2017


What am I missing here? Is President Clinton speaking a different language that we can't understand , or does "deporting illegal aliens" mean something different now than it did in 1995 when President Clinton gave his State of the Nation speech.

Let's start forgetting the rhetoric and think a little about fairness and maybe try to tone down the Trump hatred. We probably aren't going to like everything President Trump is saying, but clearly he isn't the first to say it.

Bill Clinton might be a little more polished than Donald Trump in his delivery but the message seems very similar


Anonymous said...

Words apparently don't matter when they are delivered by a Democrat, and they even get a standing ovation. But twelve years later when almost the same words are delivered by a Republican, protests ensue. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

It's not the words. It's the actions. Clinton never came close to suggesting that legal residents, green card holders, and people on valid visas should be denied entry to the U.S. without cause.

Kevin, this is one time I think your post (and comparison to a Clinton speech) is disengenuous.

Never in the history of the U.S. has a president instructed an agency (Dept of Homeland Security) to DISREGARD validly issued federal court orders. Nor has any president fired its Attorney General for disagreement (not counting Nixon which is another story).

Anonymous said...

Well it's about dam time!!!

General Grievous said...

Barely a blip when Obama suspended processing of Iraqi refugee applications for 6 months in 2011, or ended "wet foot / dry foot" Cuban policy effectively prohibiting Cuban illegal immigration, sending defectors back to their lethal fate in Cuba. I don't recall any protests, accusations of racism, Chuck Schumer crocodile tears, ACLU fundraising. As you noted, wild cheers when Clinton said more or less the same stuff as Trump. But perhaps they all knew that Clinton wasn't serious? As George Stephanopoulos later said, Clinton kept all the campaign promises - that he intended to keep. LOL.

The media/democrat hyperventilation on every kept Trump campaign promise is simply not working, so I wonder what the next media/democrat strategy will be?

Jason Broyles said...

1/30 @ 10:17pm The placeholder acting attorney general is a member of the executive branch. she serves at the pleasure of the president and is not an independent agency head. She is a member of the president's cabinet who has 2 practical options. Carry out the presidents will or resign. Her opinion never becomes part of the equation. When you are a partisan political hack and you publicly are insubordinate you get fired. That was her plan. She scored political points to embarrass Trump and become a hero to the left knowing she was getting fired (she only had 2 days left anyway). It doesn't make her a hero just a bad employee.



Hardly disingenuous. What may be disingenuous is Bill Clinton's speech to garner applause , with no real action or follow through later.

Like him or not, President Trump is not your typical politician that says anything to get elected and then never follows through on his/her campaign promises. At least anyone that voted for President Trump knew what they were voting for, and that is what they are getting today, good or bad.

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

If an officer were to disregard the orders of the Chief what do you think would happen? That officer would be immediately disciplined and should be fired. Can't have subordinates doing what they want.

President Trump fired Acting Attorney General Yates because she defied his orders and would not support his executive action. She should have either resigned or advised the President in person that she could not follow that executive order.

She made her disagreement public to embarrass him and got exactly what she deserved. The boot.