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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


On January 30, 2017, patrol units responded to 114 Ashley Street for the report of a serious assault with a firearm. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim unresponsive and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to Saint Francis Hospital by AMR ambulance where he was pronounced deceased at 2221 hours. A crime scene was established and secured by patrol officers. The Major Crimes, Crime Scene Division and an Inspector from the Hartford Chief State's Attorney's Office responded and assumed the investigation. Detective Michael Rykowski has been assigned as the lead investigator.

The victim has been identified as Darren Crittenden 08/05/86.


Anonymous said...

Thank god we have an abundance of police officers to respond to calls and proactively police the city!!!!! .... Said no one ever!

Let's all clap it up for the mayor and his valient efforts to hire another recruit class

Anonymous said...

There is almost zero officer initiated street level pro-active police work taking place. Due to lack of manpower conditions were shut down. The mayor wants huge concessions and benefits back. He doesn't support the police. It's open season on cops whenever any force is used. Why would any cop put themselve in a position to confront a criminal when they can park behind a building. The Ferguson affect is real. It is only going to get worse.



I understand what you are saying, and the City's failure to indemnify officers acting in good faith from judgements is a bad precedent also.

Officers should not be faced with losing their homes if they are doing their job and acting in good faith

Anonymous said... why would any officer risk it? This is what Bronin has created. Meanwhile the homicide count will rise because criminals have no fear of being caught, and if they are, they know GA14 will do absolutely nothing. The longer your rap sheet the better off you are.


What do you mean they will do nothing at GA14? The last guy they convicted of a homicide in that Court, shooting the guy in the chest on Adams Street, was given a full twelve years in prison. 12 years for a homicide

Chris Lyons said...

No one will testify in many cases. The rule of the streets is "no snitching" and the same imbeciles that complain that police don't protect the community are the same ones that don't testify. Tough and proactive policing works but officers doing so must realize that they
will be under the microscope. Police do 100 good things
then get wrapped up in a controversial call and everyone
runs away. Hero today, zero tomorrow.

12 years for a homicide conviction means either the case
had problems or people refused to testify. It's happened
before as well and in GA14.

Support police.