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Wednesday, July 19, 2017



On July 16, 2017 at 1:59pm, Hartford Police Patrol Officers responded to the intersection of Garden Street & Westland Street for a Shotspotter system activation of 4 shots fired. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim, Jeffrey Worrell, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Mr. Worrell was transported by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital where he was subsequently pronounced deceased. The 63yo victim had no family in the region. (Investigation showed Mr. Worrell was an innocent victim and unintended target.)


A crime scene was established and secured by HPD patrol officers. The HPD Major Crimes Division and HPD Crime Scene Division responded to the scene and assumed the investigation. During the course of the investigation, HPD Analysts from the Capitol City Crime Center (C4) working with MCD detectives canvassed, located and reviewed surveillance footage which captured the incident in its entirety. During the review a suspect vehicle was identified and found to be stolen from Southington, Connecticut.  The vehicle was subsequently located in New Britain, Connecticut.  With the assistance of the noteworthy New Britain Police Department, persons of interest were located and interviewed. With the information obtained, video review and physical evidence, probable cause was established by HPD Detectives. There were multiple juveniles suspects identified. HPD Detectives drafted an arrest warrant affidavits for co-conspirators which was reviewed and signed by a judge of the Superior Court.


On July 19, 2017, Middletown Police Officers located and took one 16yo male juvenile suspect into custody without incident. The juvenile was subsequently transported to the state Juvenile Detention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. He is being detained on a judge set bond of $1,000,000. On this same date, MCD detectives located the second 18yo male juvenile suspect at his residence where he was taken into custody without incident. The second juvenile suspect was also transported to juvenile detention where he is being held on a judge set $1,000,000 bond.  Both juveniles have been charged with Murder and Conspiracy to commit Murder. Both will appear in court tomorrow. The suspect in this incident may also be involved in other recent violent acts in Hartford. The investigation is on-going at this time.

The unfortunate victim, 63 year old Jeff Worrell was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time as a couple of thugs with illegal weapons decided to "settle a beef". How do you respond to that Mayor Bronin?


Anonymous said...

How do you respond to these liberals who think 16 year olds are babies? They're animals completely capable of murder. They need harsh prosecution as adults, enough is freaking enough.

Anonymous said...

Malloys law, juveniles will skate, be back at it in no time.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the majority of violent crime and lawlessness is being committed by juveniles? Nothing happens to them and they are fully taking advantage of that. Thanks Danno

Anonymous said...

Was Adam lanza and The columbine shooters animals

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Adam Lanza and columbine shooters were, complete animals. So is Dylan Roof and James Holmes. Sorry, but race doesn't differentiate animals. An animal is an animal.



I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, but even animals don't treat their own like that, unless it is for survival.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Hartfords violent crimes are being committed by males under 17yrs of age. Ask any cop here and they'll say the same. I understand that the human brain doesn't fully develop until age 25 or 26 so its fully possible that males under age 17 do not understand the seriousness of their actions but when it comes to murder and other serious violent crimes, there is no excuse. Hartford is drowning Kev and thats thanks to a weak anti police pro criminal city hall, a anti cop gov who thinks the punk b**ch Jorge Burgos is a child worthy of a second chance. Lastly kevin, when will you address this issue that plagues Hartford and other urban communities in America. The lack of fathers in many of Hartfords households who can otherwise teach their sons right from wrong. Many of these kids do not have dads at home and their moms are too busy chasing other males trying to have another child she cannot support that will be supported by tax payers. And all the while she is totally neglecting her child at home who is then taken by the streets.

Anonymous said...

Well said 5:03 PM. Completely accurate.

Anonymous said...

Surprised they're not out already with bracelets that their brain is fully developed enough to know how to disable.

I'll have a drink of OJ said...

Hartford is the wild wild west

Chris Lyons said...

Either Garden and Westland should be fenced off or Hartford Police should be allowed to take an aggressive approach to the criminals that continually use that area as a shooting g range. Ask the family of Teddy Simpson Jr., no angel himself, who was chased by a gun wielding punk from that intersection for about 100 yards before being murdered by several gunshots. His assailant left his sneaker on the crime scene and DNA examination could identify him. Teddy Jr. was murdered at age 21 and his murder raised no community outcry.

A couple of paragraphs in the Courant, page 25.

This is a place where politicians never go to canvas for votes or ask
for citizen ideas yet these same politicans decry the ongoing violence. All BS from them.

Police in Hartford do not get support from political leaders who use them as punching bags when it suits them but demand excellence
at other times from a force they don't support. It hasn't changed much because many of us retired members of the force
worked through Carrie Saxon Perry's term as Mayor as well as City Managers who were just as anti police.

Police have to be able to have the confidence that they will be supported. Aggressive poilicing of constant violent offenders is not abuse. It puts the fear where it belongs. With the criminals.

Anonymous said...

Fenced off Chris. During your time, you and the proactive cops were backed by the chief / chiefs, even if the politicians didn't. Now you have a chief that discourages proactive policing in fear of another Ferguson or Baltimore. You have an administration that will not back officers. You have a for the most part a dysfunctional array of deputy chiefs except for maybe one or two. It's clear from a number of civilian commentators here, proactive policing is discouraged and proactive officers are labeled. It's not worth it anymore. When you were here and a block was out of control, the chief called you and your crew to handle it and "take care of business", and you did. Those days are long long gone. The city can police itself. It's just sad when innocent people become victims like Jeff Worrell and others. Nothing should be moving on that block. But now, as soon as the crime scene is picked up, it's back to business as usual. The city is a freaking mess as the criminals have taken over.