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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


What is going on right now in Washington and even in Hartford is the height of incompetence and I would even say immorality.

Cities and Towns and even social service agencies that rely on a State budget to operate shouldn't be left in limbo, or more likely Hell, while they await the end of the game playing and political posturing at the Capitol.

I am going to focus on the actions, or more appropriately inaction at the Connecticut Capitol.

I think much of the current mess could be alleviated by some very simple Legislation.

In a year when a budget needs to be approved, no Legislative action will be taken, no Bills will be debated or voted on, until a Budget is passed and in place.

There, now wasn't that simple, gridlock avoided.

Why must they always wait until the final hours of the session to start working on what is most likely their number one, most important function as a legislature. When the deadline looms, they finally start working after they have collected a paycheck for months for what was most likely voluminous nonsense.

Sadly, our elected officials don't like to pass any legislation that will affect them. They are more interested in making our lives difficult by their inactions.

If they did , we would probably have term limits and legislation that would hold them much more accountable to the people that elect them

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