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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Jorge Burgos, a Hartford resident is in custody.

Burgos was apparently a "person of interest" wanted in questioning related to Sunday afternoons homicide of 63 year old Jeff Worrell.

Burgos was initially located in a stolen vehicle on Coleman Drive in Hartford. Burgos fled as he was approached by officers, ramming two HPD cruisers and eluding police. The stolen vehicle was eventually located several hours later , unoccupied, on Harold Street in Hartford. The vehicle was located a short distance from Burgos's mothers house at 597 Blue Hills Avenue. A subsequent search of that address turned up empty for Burgos.

Burgos was eventually located later in the day and taken into custody on charges related to the earlier chase and vehicle theft.

No charges have been filed yet for any  involvement in the homicide.


Anonymous said...

Once again you beat the failing Courant. You posted the story with the arrest photo and the arrest log at 11:30AM and the crack reporters at the Courant caught up with you at 3:03PM. Wouldn't it be easier for them if they just linked to you, they could probably save the cost of a few reporters.

Courant is Fake News said...

They pay their "reporters", and I use the term reporters loosely, absolute garbage pay. They're lucky if the make $45-$50k a year. That's why they despise city and state workers pay and pensions.

Anonymous said...

Since you won't use your name, I won't either.

But the Courant posted their version of the story early this morning; the time you cite is the timestamp given to the story when it was updated. I know because I read it this morning.

And say what you want about the Courant, but they uncovered Jeff Worrell's background and revealed he was a hardworking guy who didn't deserve what befell him.

Kevin knows his stuff, no one is denying that, but give credit where it's due.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Malloys laws he will be charged as a juvenile, and be back at it by October