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Tuesday, October 24, 2017



On Monday 10/23/17 at approximately 9:16pm, HPD officers arrested a suspect in the vicinity of 555 Albany Avenue in possession of a loaded firearm. The suspect was observed showing his firearm in a "bodega" located at 555 Albany Avenue. A witness contacted a retired Hartford Police Officer who called HPD. HPD relayed the information and description to north patrol division officers. The suspect was identified and safely apprehended without incident. HPD Officers recovered a loaded 9mm pistol with 17 rounds of ammunition, 50 small bags of marijuana, and 11 plastic cylinders of marijuana (over 4 ounces).  The firearm was reported stolen under HPD Case# 14-6312. The suspect was taken to 50 Jennings Road and was debriefed by FVRT detectives. Officers were commended for their use of tactics in safely securing the armed suspect.

Arrested- Cory Brown 43yo, Hartford, CT. (Convicted Felon, 31 previous Hartford Arrests)
Charges- Possession of a Stolen Firearm, Pistol without a Permit, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Possession
of a High Capacity Magazine, Possession with intent to Sell Controlled Substance, and Possession of a Marijuana
(over 4 Ounces.)

Firearm- Springfield Armory XDM 9mm with 17 bullets.
Over 4 ounces of marijuana.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Say it isn’t so. Another convicted felon with 31 arrests doing what he knows best, selling drugs and carrying an illegal firearm. Once again, what is GA14 doing besides nothing? Why is he not incarcerated? How many Malloy second chances has he had? Was he one of Malloy’s many early releases so it looks like less are incarcerated in CT? How many felony cases does it take to get locked up in CT? More proof that strict gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens. Convicted felons like this could care less, they will be carrying regardless of any law.

General Grievous said...

31 previous arrests? But his Momma says he's always been a good boy. Yeah, I do see he is 43 years old! Safe to say, he isn't going to turn things around. This perp needs to be removed from his circumstances.

Thank goodness he was apprehended safely and no police or bystanders got injured.

Chris Lyons said...

555 Albany Avenue and its surrounding area is again infested with drug dealers from all areas of the North End of the City. The creeps who used to use the Enfield Street area have gone to that area and expanded their operation. Felons with a 30 year history of bad acts and ruining the city. These characters "employ" dozens of equally bad people as drug runners and lookouts for
the dealers. A cottage industry and underground economy. Cars parked from QP cleaners and onto the sidewalk
blocking view of the illegal activity similar to the area of Edgewood and Albany.

Not a beat officer in sight and the illegal activity inured unabated. Marijuana smoked openly and seemingly everywhere.

The arrest of the convicted Felon Brown (felon is capitalized cause its his title) was great work and evident if daily work by HPD.

The problem however is that the crooks in that area operate the same way every day 24/7.

Lock them up.

Anonymous said...

I see everyone avoiding the most obvious and dangerous part of this bust Kevin Didn't Springfield Armory get robbed where numerous firearms were stolen interesting enough it didn't make national news so I some of those Fire arms made it to hartford and guess what I don't care what anyone says that was an inside job so military personnel are selling guns to gangsters now ????

Anonymous said...

Great record. He deserves another chance. Please give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Governor Malloy’s, Mayor Bronin’s and Chief Rovella’s soft on crime approach and criminal justice reform is destroying Hartford (and other cities), making cities like Hartford a very dangerous place.

Anonymous said...

Chris Lyons ,Sorry to appear insensitive to past victims of violence ,but instead of that time you spent on tv reporting cold cases, why not go back on tv and expose this real time mess that you seem to have a credible observation of? Your suggestions to combat this everyday criminal activity will surely be seen by all and just maybe those Hartford politicians/judges/prosecutors will respond with some action.All of those creeps ( politicians/judges/prosecutors and criminals) don’t like bright lights shined on them. Hope to see you back on the tube soon,