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Thursday, October 26, 2017


Subsequent to my posting last week about failings in the Hartford School System on dealing with alleged incidents of abuse, the Hartford Schools have once again changed their protocols.I first wrote last week about an incident that appeared to have been handle poorly by the Principal at Mary Hooker School in Hartford.You can read that posting here

Now today, the Hartford Schools held an emergency meeting with staff to introduce new protocols for dealing with "employee misconduct", specifically allegations of child abuse and neglect an actually provided a checklist that includes everything from notifying the allegedly abused child's parents to  actually calling the Hartford Police and giving employees the number to call.

I have to wonder why it took another incident involving alleged abuse of a child and a blog posting for the Hartford Superintendent of Schools to finally show some leadership and begin what the Board had promised to do months ago after the  last incident. Furthermore, I have to ask, what are we paying a New York firm $175,000 a year for, who were supposed to be dealing with these issues ?

Well  at least this is a start. Hopefully this time the protocols will be adhered to for the good of the children.

This updated protocol was first reported tonight by Jill Konopka of the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters.

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Anonymous said...

The Hartford Board of Education, the Superintendent and administrators cannot fix the many problems the system has had for countless years. Every year the same matters are apparent. Major cuts have to come from the TOP and not out of teachers pockets. Hartford Public Schools are a Broken System. Please State of Connecticut take over the system for the children, young adults and families of the City of Hartford.