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Thursday, November 9, 2017



It just never ends at the Hartford Schools. And it really makes me wonder who is watching out for the children. These incidents are deplorable.

Apparently a babysitter was sent to the MD Fox School recently to pick up a student. The student was apparently wearing a hooded sweatshirt when the child was handed off to the babysitter.

According to sources, when the babysitter got the child home and took off the hooded sweatshirt, they realized they had the wrong child .  I am not really sure how this could happen with any responsible adult entrusted with the care of a child, but it did happen.They promptly returned to M D FOX School and claimed the correct child and returned the mistaken child to the teacher.

How could this happen and what is the proper procedure for anyone other than a parent to pick up a child from a Hartford School? And what was the reporting process? Who if anyone was notified of this dangerous error and what steps are being  taken to make sure it doesn't happen again.

My suspicion is NONE and every effort was and is probably being made to handle in the school to avoid embarrassment and the public and the media from finding out.

Several people have already called me about this incident, as well as others that I am digging into. If you have information on this incident or any others you would like to make me aware of, please contact me


Luke Cage said...


Anonymous said...

Well now that that's squared away from the previous post the poster who went on to say What do you expect when the city hires city residents I'm willing to bet that's not the case with this teacher a$$hole

Anonymous said...

People should not speak until they have the facts. The teacher did report herself to both admin at the school and DCF. Everyone is always so quick to judge.


It is really not important to me who reported who once they were caught but more importantly, how could something like this happen? And I am sure if that was your child, you’d probably be real quick to judge and possibly already have an attorney on retainer filing a lawsuit. But maybe you could explain to me how this happened and where the system broke down. Or maybe the system is so loose that this regularly happens

Anonymous said...

The biggest elephant in the room of Hartford CT is a culture of abuse and neglect of children. They arrive at school acclimated to dysfunction and disorder. Every public school room has at least one student who is disruptive or violent. Discilpline is lax because the parents are accustomed to challenging and threatening teachers and adminitrators. Physical psychological sexual abuse should be tested for every child who is not reading at grade level. It is a tragic sight to see high school graduation ceremonies with fancy gowns and balloons and hoots and cheers when the same graduate will be unemployed and at risk in weeks after graduation. No resilience. Low frustration level. no power higher than themselves. Buried in the masks and shields of personal defense. Its not news; its the weather of every day degradation.

Anonymous said...

Can we please revisit the stupid/idiotic/naive/ridiculous/DANGEROUS notion that a residency requirement for The Hartford Fire Department is beneficial in that the hired firefighter would “give back” more because they live in the town serve. Where is the evidence? Kevin, Did you see ANOTHER firefighter is going to prison for ANOTHER gun related crime? At least he shot his victim in the city he cares so much about and kept his co-workers busy. I will say ONE thing positive about hiring these incompetent “residents” of Hartford,,,THEY PROVIDE JOB SECURITY FOR ALL HFD and HPD EMPLOYEES !! My observation as a Hartford born and raised firefighter of over 2 decades is that ,“THE MAJORITY OF HARTFORDS BRAVEST HAVE NO TIES TO THE CITY!!! I’ve stated that before and I’ll say it again as needed! Another fact is that these hires need union representation more than any other category related to HFD . So please , someone justify this risky behavior in HFD’s hiring practice that will not MIGHT, but WILL injure or kill someone. Kevin or anyone else, Would you care where a first responder resides while they are rescuing you from a burning building or providing lifesaving medical care?

Lou Diamonds said...

Yaaaaaawn cry a river

Anonymous said...

No concern here for you Lou Diamonds ,your family and friends on HFD will always have a home ,check,benefits and future pension while assigned to Engine 16 DOING NOTHING. They’re a good representation of the community they serve. Lou,Go back to sleep,watching tv,playing video games or whatever other important productivity you engage in. Hartford is morphing into a combination of Detroit and Baltimore. Lou I hope your not as bored with increased crime and poverty that your friends/family who reside in Hartford and employed by HFD/HPD don’t give a shit about. And please have a shovel on hand because DPW workers don’t give a crap about clearing impending snow. I wish someone would sell me a pair of those rose colored glasses that a few of you wear in Hartford. You guys can find money to keep a skating rink open but can’t find it to honor our veterans with a parade, PATHETIC!

Lou Diamonds said...

Ask the nfl for the money to honor the vets

Anonymous said...

What do you expect with the exodus out and climbing as far away as possible from the current "educational leadership" at 960 Main..Even the merely 4 month and rather highly paid chief of staff whose appointment was questionable at best on any day has been marooning on the Hartford Tax payers dime in New Haven while vying for the New Haven superintendent position..

Anonymous said...

I just CANNOT wrap my head around this. If I'm picking up my child, eye contact and dialogue is required. CRAZY!!!