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Sunday, November 5, 2017


Across the country the use of opiates are taking lives. Much of that is due to the cutting of heroin by Fentanyl, which from what I am told is less expensive than pure heroin and ups the profit for drug dealers. Unfortunately the cutting with Fentanyl is done by street level drug dealers trying to increase their profits and isn't done under the most controlled settings and is routinely delivering a lethal dose to addicts trying to get a sufficient high.

I am told that even a small grain of Fentanyl in contact with the skin can deliver a deadly dosage to anyone, including law enforcement officers who are routinely having to deal with Fentanyl on our streets.

I have to admit I was administered Fentanyl during a medical procedure and the feeling was close to euphoric, but it was administered in a controlled setting  in a dosage given by a doctor. But in knowing the feeling, I can only imagine how someone addicted to heroin would  welcome the addition of Fentanyl to increase the high  and then strive to increase that high, resulting in a deadly combination.

Narcan has been a huge help in reducing opioid deaths, but many people are not using heroin with someone else watching and monitoring and ready to administer Narcan when things go bad. Hartford Fire and EMS are routinely administering Narcan now and saving lives everyday.

As you can see from the list below, not everyone is within reach of a dose of Narcan and at least 45 people have lost their lives so far as a result of drug overdoses. I have blocked out the names and I have only redacted actual house numbers on the street addresses so that readers can see these overdose deaths are happening in every neighborhood, no area is exempt.
And this list is only the beginning. Police sources are telling me that the number of suspected deaths awaiting final determination by the Office of the Medical Examiner, who is backlogged with suspected opioid deaths statewide, will equal or exceed this list. As many as 45 suspected opioid deaths are awaiting final toxicology reports, and there are still roughly two more months left for the end of year numbers.

And take a moment to not the demographics on the list below.  The ages range from 23 to 60 , and includes black, white and Hispanic victims. No one is exempt from this crisis. And the neighborhoods include all areas of the city from the Northend, to the Southend, Frog Hollow  Downtown and the Westend.

And like most of our problems with illegal drugs, this is a problem we won't be able to "arrest" our way out of. It is going to take some serious discussions and treatment for addiction

Opioid Deaths Hartford 2017 by Kevin Brookman on Scribd


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin for addressing this drug abuse matter that directly effects Hartford County and all of Connecticut. Unfortunately, we have politicians that lack the focus and effort this matters requires. These illegal drugs are killing our children and the CT politicians are chasing Vegas and Texas issues.
The state legislature has failed our state as it has taken over 4 months to get a budget passed and we are still waiting for state agencies to resume hiring and other normal functions.
Today is election day and I hope that CT citizens did not give the same old politicians a pass and reelect them.