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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Our next public Comstat is on Thursday January 11, 2018 at 5:30pm,at the Hartford Police
Our meeting will take place in the Hartford Police Department Comstat room at 5:30 pm. We feel strongly about sharing our information with our community. We are opening our doors
for you to see what current crime trends our city is experiencing, along with our predictive
and preventative efforts. Our Comstat program is a dynamic and informative presentation
and discussion. Your ideas, questions and energy are welcomed. Community conversations are encouraged.
We are always seeking public input. Please take this opportunity to assist us in our
efforts to better serve and protect our city. Please consider attending.
WHAT: HPD Comstat open to the public WHEN: Thursday January 11, 2018 at 5:30pm
There is plenty of parking in the vicinity. Officers will be on sight to assist and escort you inside HPD.
WHERE: Hartford Police Department, 253 High St. Hartford CT.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can ask the tough questions.
Why are sexual comments made by Lt Mertes not being inveatigated ?


Not being investigated.....YET, I think the day is coming where HPD and the City will be forced to investigate the allegations, and several people are willing to talk ,even though they have been "ordered" not to talk or to put anything on paper

Ganim for governor said...

I see the powers that be really pulled a snowman bandit style to block all that sgt rodney antics with terminating lanza. In 3 weeks, buck shot cant protect the special employees. Special i mean cover for when they screw up. Crashing off duty take homes and buying weapons on the street are not items for a new chief to squash. Not to mention the Mertes nonsense. The skeletons in the closet hopefully will run the members of the second floor addams family out to pasture.
Long will be a chief one day. Great dude.
Buyak is a crusty legend. A true leader of troops like patton.

That is pretty much it for any and all complements addressed to all complex employees.

Anonymous said...

Not To talk that is Corruption.
A GRAND Jury should Be Convened To
Investigate Christine Mertes.

Charles said...

Does the new chief have to be a Hartford resident also ? Will he have a sham lease like all the others ? Why does Mayor Bronin permit this BS ?


Yes, by City ordinance all Department heads need to be Hartford residents, although under Bronin, very few are legitimate Hartford residents My understanding is that the Rosado's are already looking at homes in Hartford and plan on moving their family to Hartford. As far as why Bronin permits these scams, you would have to ask him, but remember, the truth is not his strong suit. If it was,he would be focusing on Hartford and not running for Governor as he promised during the campaign



No need for a Grand Jury, a decent I-file would do it if investigated by someone competent

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

Anonymous postings have turned this forum into a daily barrage of individuals who will hide behind the keyboard to criticize, deride and mock their targets. The same old excuse is "fear of retaliation" if the anonymous poster was known or maybe that the information being put forth in that anonymous forum would be limited if the poster was actually identified.

What this has turned into is anonymous police officers and others turning on each other because this forum allows them to say things that they would never say if identified. Its a demonstration of lack of courage to post anonymously because if you can't put your name to the comments you make then you shouldn't make them.

Comments deriding Chief Rovella are so out of bounds that anyone who knows him dismisses them quickly. Same to the characters waiting for the new Chief to come to take over. If anyone thinks that he is going to listen to anonymous nonsense think again. He's coming in to shake it up and will have no loyalty to anyone except the people he brings in to command. Good Luck with that.

When I was at HPD there were many instances of disagreement but they were done face to face, solved by either discussion w/o much turmoil, but never with anonymity.

And Police Officers aren't supposed to by anonymous anyway. You all are supposed to stand out as a condition of the profession you chose. That's what is expected, not wormy behavior weaved from the veil of anonymity.



I appreciate you posting under your real name, but not everyone has that luxury of being able to say what they want without repercussions. If the topics referred to your employer, I doubt you would be posting without any fear of reprisals. And As someone who built his investigative career on the word of "anonymous" sources, I would think you would realize the value of information provided without actually putting your name to it. Sometimes it is legit, other times it is total BS. As reasoning adults, we listen, or read and decide which is credible and what we choose to believe.

Anonymous said...

Reggie Freeman for Mayor!



I second that idea strongly, but try to keep it quiet, Luke's ego doesn't like competition and we need Reggie here

Billie said...

I support Angel Morales for Mayor, at least he will keep the library open at night

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lyons , I hope you’ll respond honestly. I assume in your police career you have witnessed incompetent , bad and criminal behavior among your co-workers . Did you at anytime formally report these co-workers with your name attached to paperwork informing supervisors of said behavior? It would be impossible to imagine you never being faced with that dilemma. Were there times in your career that you wished you had an outlet to inform others anonymously without the possibility of consequence? Again I hope you respond honestly, I have a gut feeling you saw more than you wished for regarding equals,subordinates and supervisors while employed at the Hartford Police Department.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:47pm.

I certainly saw incompetence (plenty of it) while at HPD. But I NEVER posted anonymously about it. I spoke with those involved directly and handled it that way. Which how a grown adult should do it..
Keep (trying to) finding ways to justify your inability to step up..
Martin Miller.

Anonymous said...

7:36 AM , I’m amused at your response. Unless YOU were the Chief Of Police or the head of Human Resources, your face to face “private” and “anonymous “ meeting with a fellow officer DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! In fact you put your co-workers and public at risk by not having this individual formally corrected or FIRED ! I guess you need to re-read my comment. I INCORPORATED “CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR “ in my statement. Maybe those times were worse than I imagined related to “secrecy “ and “silence “. Now I have a clear picture of YOU ,Martin Miller ,acting as judge and jury behind the backs of the very people who should have been informed of dangerous behavior in The Hartford Police Department . I pray you retired a long time ago so as to ease my mind that the individuals YOU covered up for are long gone. Still waiting on Chris Lyons to reply. I honestly hope his response is much different.

Anonymous said...

So it looks like Chris Lyons is not going to answer my questions above related to anonymity . Kev ,thanks for your clarification above on your stance but I would like to hear from others too.. Is a name attached to provided information as important or more important than the content itself? How many of you take note of a reporters name at the end of an article? And if so ,do you research this individual for “THEIR” credibility? How would I know if this “brave” journalist has a vendetta or agenda against a person ,place or thing they reported on?

Anonymous said...

Kev, So after my comments at 7:47 PM ,,2:24 PM and 9:03 AM it looks like we can FINALLY PUT TO REST THIS “ANONYMOUS” NONSENSE. I guess in a way I should thank you Chris Lyons for not responding! Now let’s get back to work and right the wrongs in Hartford and beyond.

Chris Lyons said...

To the anonymous of 1-11

In my career I worked on several investigations that led to the arrest of several officers. Didn’t like it but it had to be done. The organization
needed to do that to restore public trust. And I was assigned not cause I would lol the other way either. One was a state grand jury and one was a federal one.And guess what, I did so while still doing my regular job as well.

And lastly I took a breakfrom commentary cause I tired of the anonymous nonsense, while valuable to protect some it’s also a license for others to rant and rave.

Good luck after Chief Rovella retires you will all need it.