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Sunday, January 7, 2018


Ever since this blog became somewhat popular, I have realized that many of the visitors here don't necessarily come hear to red my writings, the comments also draw many people in.

The comments also have been the source of a lot of valuable information and tips. Many of my readers send in comments  anonymously because they fear retaliation in their employment with the City, but they have valuable information they want to divulge/

I get that, and I appreciate it. Many times I get comments sent in saying "Please don't post this, but here is some information for you" and then I go to work trying to verify the info.

This weekend it seemed to reach the boiling point.

Many of the comments were directed and high ranking officers of HPD. It is particularly bothersome to see allegations against someone like Chief Rovella, who has served this City and HPD with dignity and distinction as Police Chief. I probably shouldn't even call them allegations but more like someone airing their sour grapes publicly and anonymously.

I always wonder if the people who air their differences anonymously here have taken the time to approach the other side like adult men and women do, and voice their concerns or opinions, Probably not.

I know the comments are a popular part of this bog, but the time has come to start to try to reign them in. I am not at the point of requiring a valid e-mail or some sort of sign in to register, but comments going forward must be pertinent to the topic they are posted under. If it is a posting about a gun buy back at HPD, comments about the Superintendent of schools or an associated tirade can be e-mailed to me, but they won't be randomly posted as anonymous comments.

Any other suggestions on moderating comments would be appreciated.

Thank you and keep reading


Martin Miller said...

Martin Miller.

The easiest way for you to avoid hurtful, nonsense,comments is to remove the anonymity allowed at the present time. It is far to easy to post BS about someone, or just a flat out lie, when you can hide behind a keyboard. While I certainly don't see you removing that aspect, you'd lose most, if not all your comments, if you did so. I don't think you, as the administrator can have it both ways; You complain about people posting hurtful comments about Chief Rovella, yet you allow them to do so under a shroud of anonymity? Remove that shroud and you've cut off your nose to spite your face. While I've been gone 4 years now, enjoying the country life, it pains me, at times to read some of these comments, as `the targets of the comments are people I consider friends, good cops and more importantly good people.

Anonymous said...

Chief Rovella have been an Excellent Chief! He brought the HPD from the Stone Age to being one of the most technological advance departments in the region. The fleet of vehicles at HPD have improved dramatically under his leadership. He have help this department to survive some rough times and bumpy road because of the relationship he have with the community. There were time when the community wanted the head of certain officers however due to fact Chief Rovella was transparent with the community, delivered the facts and the trust the community had in him, that situation was diffused. There are few officers and DC’s who are not in agreement with his community policing philosophy but Chief Rovella lives by it because he believes in it. A few officers may say he doesn’t care for them however that is so far from the truth. Chief Rovella is the only person in the Chief Complex that protects officers from harsh and injustfiable punishment. He has always been fair, impartial and consistent with handing out discipline to his officers. He has never used his position as a mean to impose harm on his subordinates that didn’t like. Chief Rovella make it his obligation to protect all his officers unlike his DC’S who targeted officers they didn’t like. Chief Rovella will be missed by the community and HPD. The incoming Chief Rosado will be welcome and we wish him the best in his new endeavors.

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion, but not everybody has the luxury of the retirement and the no fear of retaliation that you have. With any type of blogging or even any article that allows the public to comment, there will ALWAYS be issues like this. Keep anonymity like any other site, but probably do a little bit more screening of what and what not to allow to be posted.


As of right now, that is my intent

RB said...

I understand the need for anonymity when giving you a lead. And I've read several good discussions in the comments. But quite often, as you've pointed out, the discussion gets hijacked or goes off topic. I don't know how to stop it unless you have a way of identifying the author, and giving them a "Vacation" from commenting on your Blog.
(More work for you, I'm sure.)

I will say, I find it amusing & entertaining when certain posters get wound up and act like a bunch of Junior High School girls.

"Well, he did this". "Yeah, but what about that?".

Anonymous said...

when I look at departments like Bridgeport and new haven both big city pds Im sure they have their problems and issues difference is their dirty laundry isn't aired out for the world to see. I understand transparency and trust but when you let people post comments under anonymous to belittle or degrade their coworkers it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths. Honestly I wouldn't recommend any person seeking a law enforcement career to join Hartford it is scary how those officers throw each other under the bus. The comments I read about Lts GG Sonja and Cicero on that other post were utterly disgusting and if there is no paper trail or proof of any of those actions why on earth would you allow that to be posted mr brookman? anyway happy new year and godspeed to all

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brookman I understand your dilemma and agree posts should be pertinent to the particular story. On the point of approaching people you have an issue with, I disagree with you. I don't work for the city but do you honestly think any employee can approach their supervisor or employer with constructive criticism? Some can take it but most don't want to hear it and in fact will hold it against you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes pertinent facts are hurtful. Truth can hurt, especially when speaking to power. The world is rife with truths we inexplicably ignore. Thank you, Kevin, for the release valve. You help the voiceless see below the surface. Keep City Hall in check.