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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday I posted about Hartford's latest "dog and pony show" to present the crime stats for 2009.

In the comments on that posting under "Daryl K. Roberts", Hartford Police Media and Communications Coordinator Nancy Mulroy posted a link requesting people to check out Hartford Crimestoppers.

I did, and I'm very surprised by the numbers there. Hartford Crimestoppers has been in operation since August of 2008 according to their website. I'm hoping this is a mistake and that they just haven't updated their numbers, but they claim that they have resulted in 4 arrests during that time and have paid out $200.00 in rewards.

It is somewhat confusing though because it shows the "worldwide" numbers, which are impressive, updated through today, 1-12-2010 and the Hartford numbers as a year old almost, 1-29-2009. I'm not sure if that means they haven't done anything in a year, or just haven't updated in a year.

Either way, 4 arrests doesn't seem to be making a huge impact. Also, at an average reward of $50.00 per arrest, it might make people think twice about making that call.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

50 bucks to risk possibly being harmed for snitching. sign me up.