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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As you may recall, on February, 23, 2010 the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission proposed a final decision against the City of Hartford and Corporation Counsel John Rose for FOI Act violations. Read the February entry and read the decision here

As Rosie seems to never accept outside decisions, he has submitted a brief to the FOI Commission telling them why they are wrong. The full FOI Commission is scheduled to hear and vote on the decision next Wednesday , April 14, 2010 at 2:00PM.

Rosie's "Memorandum of Law" is attached below, but it sounds like more grasping at straws to me. I'm sure, if nothing else it is laying the basis for an appeal to Superior Court by Rose at the taxpayers expense.

The first argument is that Rose is claiming that I made my complaint against him as Corporation Counsel and the decision was against him as the Corporation Counsel. Now if you can follow this reasoning, Rose seems to be making the claim that the complaint and the decision should have been against the "Office of the Corporation Counsel" and not the Corporation Counsel. I know, it sounds desperate, but that is Rosie. File paperwork after paperwork, and appeal after appeal, its not his money.

If you are still following any of this nonsense, in page 2 Rosie claims that there were never any complaint of wrongdoing by "the Office of the Corporation Counsel" but rather against him as "Corporation Counsel".

I won't go through this entire waste of paper and time, you can read it for yourself.

But after you read it, ask yourself, with a legal "mind" like this, is it any wonder Hartford can't win a case in court?

Rose FOI Brief 4-5-10

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Jeff said...

Soon to be Mayor Segarra, please do the city a favor and put this idiot on the top of your clean up list.