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Friday, April 9, 2010


Council President Pedro Segarra will appear on WFSB's "Face the State" program this Sunday morning at 11:00AM. Guest reporter, and newly appointed Hartford Bureau Chief Len Besthoff joins Dennis House for an interview of the potential "Mayor-to-be" Pedro Segarra.

From what I understand it was a good interview as Segarra answers questions related to Hartford. High on the list was the question everyone is asking, can Eddie Perez function as Mayor while he faces a trial and potentially a prison sentence.

Segarra also goes on the record and puts Hartford's current budget "gap" at $28 million. Although that number may sound bad, according to some City Hall insiders it may be double that number.

Another segment on the program is an interview with Howard Baldwin. Baldwin was the force behind the Hartford Whaler's and is working to bring a NHL team back to Hartford. As a side note, I'm being told that Whaler's apparel is still one of the top purchased NHL items, I'm hearing #7 in the country but I'm still trying to confirm that.

Sunday Morning, 11:00 am on WFSB, Channel 3.

Oh, and it looks like the "WFSB Hartford Bureau" will be up and running this coming Tuesday. Timing is everything, it could be a busy week in the Hartford Bureau as jury selection for Perez begins Monday at 10:00am.

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Bruce Rubenstein said...

Pedro is always a gentleman...inteligent and compassionate..and his sincerity will ring thru the interview.