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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Some days, actually most days, you just have to scratch your head in wonderment and ask how John Rose still has a job, never mind a law license.

You may recall that late last year Hartford Corporation Counsel John Rose advised the City Council that the Murtha lawsuit was a stinker of a case and should be settled. The Hartford City Council ignored Rosie's advice and dug their heels in. Eventually the Court decided in Murtha's favor and awarded him damages.

Now, even though Rosie acknowledged the case stunk and the city should settle, he is now appealing the Murtha decision once again in court.

I know, I know, you are probably asking yourselves if he knew they were going to lose and predicted that, why would Rosie now spend the money to appeal? Good question, but look who you are dealing with. Whether it is FOI decisions or Court decisions, Rosie has no problem spending the taxpayers money in Hartford on these eventual losses.

Rosie's next date with destiny is scheduled to begin in New Haven Superior Court on May 24, 2010 at 10:00am.

Open the checkbook, Rosie's on the way.


Anonymous said...

We just love to spend money we don't have. It's a good thing Hartford doesn't have any other problems right?

Speaking of acts of sheer desperation, what are your thoughts on the new Rubenstein/ Arena collaboration? I know Bruce was all about change for a few minutes, but that phase seems to have passed. What do you think?


I am not aware of any collaboration between the two. Care to share any details?

Anonymous said...

Start with Luz Sullivan - who was backed by Bruce as part of a DTC slate calling for Sean's proverbial head on a plate - voting for Sean for DTC chair. That's a fact. The buzz behind the fact (which Bruce denies) is that Bruce was part of the negotiations(which are said to have taken place at his law office) that moved Luz over to Sean. Latest I've heard is that, per a prominent Democratic candidate for statewide office, Bruce and Sean are together meeting with that candidate this coming Saturday AM.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Kevin...the 2 anonymous posters are either lying or are purposely spreading mis-information.I remain interested in real reform and as you are well aware, still very vocal about the corruption at city hall and the mayor.Which certainly is alot different then the abject silence of our new town chair, who remains silent as to the issues of the day.As to a purported Saturday AM meeting, that is just an outright lie,as I have no meeting scheduled with anyone.

If those 2 anonymous posters are looking for real change they would do better by asking their town chair for her public positions on Mayor Perez,city hall corruption,democratic reform,charter change,the financial situation of Hartford and a host of other issues.

Anonymous said...

Kevin: Someone in the campaign of a woman running for Sec'y of State can tell you whether she met with Bruce and Sean today (not this coming Saturday AM)...and if it pans out, please let us all know who's stretching the truth a bit.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

The balless poster alleges that I have a meeting today 4/28/10 with Sean and/or a sec of state candidate and/or their representative. Nonsense....I have no meetings set up of a political nature for today at all and this is another lie/smear.I will not answer anymore anonymous postings.

Willie Nunez said...

Bruce: Your old friend Willie Nunez here. At 12:14 AM this morning (4/28/10) the reference to "today" was OBVIOUSLY not to a time within the last 14 minutes.

Are you denying you had a meeting on Aprul 27, 2010 with Denise Merrill and Sean Arena?

Go ahead - make my day.