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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One of the things I've really enjoyed about this blog is the increase in comments that are posted regularly as "We the People" continues to grow in popularity.

Just following the comments yesterday regarding the failed Charter revision attempts was an eye-opener into some of the "behind the scenes" maneuvering and explained a lot. The time and effort that is put into the comments is also encouraging.

Today I was doing my daily web "checking" and found the video below, it made me think how this would translate outside of Alabama. With the new legislation passed regarding Arizona's enforcement of immigration laws and now this video, I was just wondering what others think.

As the title of this posting says, it is a "lightning rod of a question" but I'd like to know what other people think.

I'm not opposed to immigration, although I think I would have to say I am opposed to "illegal" immigration. If not for the opportunities open for immigration to this country, I can safely say that my family history would most likely be much different. Who know's, I'd probably be headed to a pub somewhere in County Cork, Ireland about now.

With that being said, my original family members on my mothers side actually stepped off the Mayflower before there were any immigration laws here. But once the laws were enacted, millions of immigrants came here in compliance with those laws.

I'm not hinting that all "illegal" immigrants are here to hurt our country, but if 9/11 taught us anything at all, it should be to point out the gaping holes in our security as a nation and the need to know who is living within our borders.

Another big issue to me is the unreported crime and mistreatment of illegal immigrants. It is no secret that much, if not most, crime against illegal immigrant's goes unreported for fear of being identified and deported. Illegal immigrants hired by business owners also work in conditions ,in many cases, just one step above slavery. They know that any complaints about wages or working conditions can result in a one-way ticket back to their country of origin.

Is it time to review our laws to streamline the process for people ready to start a better life in the United States? Or is it time to tighten the rules as Arizona is trying?

Please take the 30 seconds to watch the video below and let me know what you think. And yes, I realize it is Alabama, not New England.

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Luis E. Cotto said...

I find it more than interesting that an overwhelming amount of people who go the whole "not against immigration, only illegal immigration" route come from a certain melanin challenged variety. Those same people also refuse to acknowledge the very real history of immigration law and how the law kept getting massaged to only allow more people who look like you than people who look like me.

Even Puerto Ricans, who are US Citizens, only got in because the US wanted some fodder in an anticipated dragged out War during WWI. (WWI = 1914-1918, US jumps in = 1917, Jones Act making us Citizens = 1917)

Arizona's SB 1070 is just atrocious on so many levels. So now a police officer can pull over anyone s/he SUSPECTS of being undocumented? Whatever!! The only silver lining with this is that President Obama and Congress were more than happy to just have Immigration Reform wait on the sidelines after the Health Care Bill was passed. This has moved it right back on the national scene and I think the movement will be there to move the debate forward.

Saturday at 11am, immigrants from all walks of life will meet at Keith Carr Corner to start marching from there to Barnard Park...I hope we'll see you there.

ps I am sooooo happy I don't live in Alabama