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Monday, August 16, 2010


Two important meetings will be taking place tonight and they both could prove to be very interesting.

The first meeting at 6PM is being held by the 6th District Democratic Town Committee. The meeting has been called to discuss the fate of 6th District State Representative Hector Robles. The meeting will be held at the home of Jan Appellof at 687 Broadview Terrace. THIS MEETING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Robles is caught up in a "double-dipping" scandal at the Hartford Police Department where he is being accused of stealing almost $10,000 through fraudulent time cards. According to the Internal Affairs report Robles admitted to knowing that his actions constituted larceny, he was "double-dipping" and provided false information for his time records.

The Office of the Chief States Attorney is reported to be in the process of reviewing the IAD report and an Inspector has been assigned to potentially prepare criminal charges.

The second meeting will be a Public Hearing held at Hartford City Hall in the Council Chambers at 7:00PM. That will be for the public to comment on proposed ordinances. One of the ordinances has caused a lot of discussion and comments here regarding Councilman Cotto's proposal to limit the actions of the Hartford Police when it comes to immigration and intelligence gathering. The ordinance was posted here previously under "Is it time to disarm the Hartford Police?".

Show up and feel free to speak your mind.

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