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Monday, August 16, 2010


It appears the recount numbers are complete for the 4th District Democratic primary. Due to the closeness of the vote last Tuesday a recount was required and that was done today.

Kelvin Roldan apparently retained his seat by a five vote margin over his challenger Angel Morales.


Anonymous said...


an accomplished felon was disallowed membership, finally a bit of rational at work.

Thanks God, Morales was fumigated by the voters.

Anonymous said...

kelvin is no saint either...he was eddies bag man for years and doesnt live in the district.He lives at Hartford 21 with his g/f.

Anonymous said...

Kelvin's gf doesn't live at Hartford 21. Might want to get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...


I would advise checking your facts before posting comments that are not true. Maybe try conducting a minimal amount of research next time.

The only person who doesnt live in the 4th District is Morales and he deserved to lose. Hartford deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Morales is recently out of 2006 I believe....remains ethically and morally deviant and I base that assertion on his wasting our taxpaying money on renting a new Lincoln Continental which was highly inappropriate for a vehicle in one of the state's poorest districts.He is known to hold no job and is owned by Minnie and Ramon who have an unduly and someowhat I would say un-natural hold on him.