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Monday, August 16, 2010


Although the Hector Robles report was posted here a few days ago, it might be interesting to some to see how the investigation actually began.

A short time before August 13, 2009, Lieutenant Paul Ciesinski, was promoted to the rank of Captain and was assigned as the commander for the Southeast District. Ciesinski in his review of his newly assigned area apparently looked at the performance of the personnel assigned to the Southeast area of the City.

As part of that review he checked into the performance, or lack thereof, of Officer Hector Robles who was assigned as the Community Service Officer for the South Meadows area.

Prior to being promoted to Captain, Ciesinski was assigned as the Lieutenant in charge of HPD's Internal Affairs division. A thorough review was conducted of Robles's performance and it looks like red flags were shooting up in every direction.

Ciesinski's internal memo to Deputy Chief Paul Hammick is posted below, it makes for some very interesting reading. Although Ciesinski was new to the district, it raises some very serious issues regarding the level of supervision before his arrival. Is Captain Ciesinski's memo the first time anyone noticed Robles's performance?

Also included is the Department's advocate, Lt. Bernier's recommendation for "termination of employment as a Hartford Police Officer"

Ciesinski's Robles Memo

Robles Advocate's Report


Anonymous said...

With all due respect this Paul Ciesinski dude should be promoted to Chief of the HPD.

Hartford PD needs hope, creditability, integrity, professionalism and most import practical IQ.

Kevin for pointing this gem out.

Anonymous said...

Nice work by Mr.Ciesinski. I'm sure Officer Robles isn't the only one double-dipping and as a result stealing from taxpayers.
Two words for him: "you're fired" three more: you're under arrest.

Anonymous said...

Why target Lt. Dailey. Robles has been getting away with this crap for 10 years. Check all the way back. And it is funny that this all comes out after Eddie is arrested. I wonder if the Chief would have handled this the same way if Perez was in office. If Robles worked for me, I would not have discipined him either. If you did, you would feel the wrath of the mayor, get transfered and be on the chiefs shitlist.


I don't think Lt. Dailey was "targeted" but rather collateral damage as a result of the investigation. I agree there most likely was some sort of "protection" provided by Perez for Hector and the timing does seem unusual. The investigation really started to move after Eddie was convicted and on his way out.

The Ciesinski memo does portray Dailey as a pretty poor supervisor, but if Dailey had suspicions, he should have put them in an e-mail or a memo to cover himself when it all blew up.

And a 5 or 10 day suspension for Dailey actually seems pretty light for what was laid out in the report