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Friday, February 11, 2011


Jeff Cohen had an interesting post on his blog at WNPR radio yesterday. You can use the link to the right to go to Jeff's blog.

Apparently during an interview with Mayor Pedro Segarra, Segarra referred to former Perez bagman Kelvin Roldan as "Matt Roldan". Whether that slip was intentional or by mistake, most feel he was referring to the connection between Roldan and the former Chief of Staff for Hartford's Chief Crook, convicted felon and former Mayor Eddie Perez.

Roldan apparently has embarked recently on a journey of self discovery. Does he want to be an employee of the Hartford Schools?(employee might be the wrong term since no one seems to be able to identify what he actually does) Does he want to be a State Representative? Does he want to be Hartford's City Treasurer? Does he want to be Hartford's Mayor? Or maybe he just wants to live in quiet anonymity as his alter ego "Willie Nunes"?

So anyway, apparently Matt... I mean Kelvin...didn't take too kindly to the Mayor's slip. Roldan sent a sharply worded e-mail to Cohen after the interview aired.

To: Cohen, Jeff;
Subject: Re: interview for a story

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for my dealyed response, Busy day.

After quickly reviewing the WWL interview I can only say that the poorly plowed roads in Hartford have kept Mayor Segarra confined to City Hall for too long giving him a very bad case of “cabin fever”. This stream of consciousness performance has Segarra; spending $67,000 for four days to rent a snow machine you can allegedly buy for $250,000, defending a $480K payment he approved to a contractor arrested for bribery, claiming to be a psychotherapist , forgetting the location of the Nelton Court Housing project and finally, calling the “poor people” of Hartford “manipulated” and “incapable of performing the analysis” at election time. I think in this context, any additional comments on my part would just detract from this insightful interview.



The whole exchange seems a little ridiculous. Although Segarra may have made a mistake and forgotten the location of Nelton Court, many of Roldan's constituents would make the same claim that Roldan has forgotten the location of his district. Roldan sent out a press release last week urging his subjects, I mean constituents, to send him pictures of poorly plowed streets so he could document Segarra's inefficiency I guess.

It might have made a lot more sense for Roldan to go out and actually walk his district and take a few pictures of his own. Especially in this age of GPS, Roldan should be able to find just about every street in his district without too much trouble.

And I'm not sure what Roldan meant about defending the "$480K" payment to a contractor arrested for bribery. As we heard repeatedly during the Perez arrest and trial..."innocent until proven guilty". And someone that would set up a phony e-mail name for a convicted felon Mayor to facilitate that Mayor's corrupt activities might want to think twice before throwing around any allegation involving corruption.

I'm sure that if we looked deeper into how certain people formerly in the Mayor's office who then landed $128,000 a year positions at the Board of Education might not necessarily have the "cleanest hands".I'm just saying.

And criticizing Mayor Segarra for spending $67,000 for snow removal equipment rentals is interesting also. Wasn't Roldan a key advisor to then Mayor, now convicted felon Eddie A. Perez before Roldan landed his $128,000 a year unknown position at the Board of Education? I might be mistaken, but I think I recall a time when Perez and Roldan could claim responsibility for numerous dollars squandered.

One that immediately comes to mind was the "Wireless Hartford" brainstorm that cost the people of Hartford millions of dollars. That was the plan to provide wireless internet to Blue Hills and Downtown, all paid for by the City of Hartford. Most of that equipment is probably sitting in a city warehouse somewhere now collecting dust and the program was a huge failure.

And that $67,000 dollars is a lot less than the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by the taxpayers of Hartford for attorneys representing Roldan and others when they were brought before a Grand Jury investigating Roldan's mentor...yes, you guessed it....the convicted felon Eddie A. Perez.

At least with the money spent for the snow removal equipment rental we are seeing some benefit and results. The streets are becoming passable, little by little. Not Mayor Segarra's proudest hour, but at least something is getting done.

And as far as Mayor Segarra suffering from "cabin fever", that allegation might be true. Luckily for Kelvin, his frequent travel allows him to spend time at country clubs in much milder climates lounging under the palm trees and playing golf, where he can unwind and forget about his constituents. Constituents of his that comprise probably the poorest district of any other in the State of Connecticut.

And Segarra's comments that Roldan referenced...“manipulated” and “incapable of performing the analysis at election time." probably can't be disputed. How else could you explain the corrupt Mayor and now convicted felon Eddie A. Perez being re-elected in 2007 while undergoing the scrutiny of a Grand Jury investigation which was common knowledge at the time and would lead to his eventual arrest and conviction and sentence of prison time?

I'm just saying.


Frank Lord said...

Not that I ever use it but I thought I would check. WirelessHartford is alive and well downtown, at least at this time in this spot.

Anonymous said...

So, Roldan is so concerned about the economic well-being of the city that he didn't accept the $7500 school-related bonus?

Gordie Pabobowski said...

Kelvin is a disgrace...he barely beat a known felon and predator in the primary.His bag man status and bagagge is well known.Kelvin has no skills to run Hartford properly and "Felon Mayor Perez" and the notorius Matt Hennessey would be very much in the backround in a Roldan Administration

Woobie said...

Can you be Mayor from prison? Also, the wirelessnis working in Blue Hills. I use it every day

Blue Man Group 2 said...

Kelvin took another bonus?

This guy's a real winner. Mayor Segarra spends two weeks riding around in a plow at all hours of the night, while Kelvin solicits email pictures of snow in the streets?


Blue man:

I'm not sure that the Mayor riding in a plow is the best use of his time, but it definitely rates a lot higher on the productivity scale than Roldan using his legislative staff and resources to attempt to launch a political attack on City Hall

Anonymous said...

Which part of the streets of Hartford were horribly plowed do you people not understand. Who cares that the Mayor drove around all night long. They did a horrible job. Franklin Ave and all the side streets were ridiculous. If someone wants to come forward and complain let them after all they are tax payers. Eddie is gone so let's focus on our new Mayor and his challenges. Let's ask our Mayor or Mr. Panagore why is our new City Treasurer signing his wife's timesheets. Apparently, no one is paying attention to that one. What do you have to say about that internal auditors?

Iknowitall said...

Blah blah blah, there was snow everywhere. I was in Boston and the streets were worse. The Treasurer signing his wifes time sheet, big deal. We have people out of work, kids killing each other, the schools are falling apart and this is what you worry about

Anonymous said...

If you are convinced there is dirt to be dug up on KR, do it -- why wait for him to be Mayor? Stop him now. There are plenty of people at the BOE who hate his guts and would probably be happy to rat on him.

Damon Runyon said...

mr/ms Anonymous 12:37 PM

all in due such a time as we shall decide.

Anonymous said...

Everything will come in due time especially to those who deserve it. Like Eddie, it came to light and it shall come to you as well. Only time will tell.
Just saying!

Anonymous said...

Alot of we we, will be going on in the next few months. Rating On, will become the norm, capisci.

Anonymous said...

I'm neutral -

But Pedro has aged 20 years and has loss major weight in the last several months.

An Observer

Anonymous said...

"Reverse McCarthy-ism." priceless

Carolyn said...

Wow....did I miss something? You spent a lot of time discussing Eric Jackson's "guilt" (hello? was there any proof, or just a lot of hearsay?) but I haven't seen any mention of his passing. I'm happy to apologize in advance, in case I missed your acknowledgement of his death....HOWEVER....

Imagine someone accusing YOU of doing something wrong - and then you passed away....and your family was left with all these allegations on the web - I knew Eric Jackson, and he was one of the kindest, most genuine human beings I have ever met. Why don't you have some decency and delete all the crap you said about him?